Hunchbacks – Werse Sounds 7″

a: Werse Sounds
b: Beautiful (Christina Aguilera cover)
Purchase from Sacred Bones


Hot damn – picked this up, not knowing what to expect other than it was on Sacred Bones and I am loose with my money. Accidentally put this on the b-side first, to discover a Christina Aguilera cover, with Michael Gerald (the Killdozer guy) trading vocals with a child. At first, I was kind of annoyed (I have a hate on for ironic covers), but this was actually pretty funny. It is hard to hate on little kids, right?  The A-Side, “Werse Sounds” is pretty fucking rad, perfect for this years Halloween party.

Keep your eyes peeled to the Sacred Bones MySpace page, as there is a note there today that hints at a special pre-order scenario-type-deal-thingy for the new Pink Noise and Factum’s full lenghts (looking like a free-seven inch). Nice!

Jacuzzi Boys – Ghost Ghost 7″

a1: Ghost Ghost 220
a2: Age of the Giant Jellyfish
b: Komi Caricoles
Purchase from Floridas Dying
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Jacuzzi Boys - Ghost Ghost

This single perfectly catches the essence of a singular state of mind: that point when you are so inebriated that you are about to pass out, but, for some reason you keep holding on to consciousness. That consciousness, however, is extremely precarious and everything around you slows down for a bit. Imagine being in a dive bar that only has the Rolling Stones on it, and hearing the Rolling Stones in that particular frame of mind is what The Jacuzzi Boys sounds like. Altered.

These songs are very good. I expect to hear good good things from them in the future.  Don’t fuck around and get one for your next opium party.

The Coathangers – S/T 7″

a1: Never Wanted You
a2: Spider Hands
b1: Tripod Machine
b2: Don’t Touch My Shit
Purchase from Die Slaughterhaus

The Coathangers First Seven Inch

Continuing on with my “Seven Inches that I Overlooked in 2007” list (they are still slowly making their way to me) comes this great record that made the year end list over at Seven Inches (Everyday).

Each of these songs provoke a unique reaction, though I am not sure what. Each of the songs are simple in structure, but delivered with such ferocity that you can’t help but get sucked in to the mess. Favourite song is the last one “Don’t Touch My Shit” – which has some amazing lyrics and a melody driven by the “telephone”setting on some shitty synth, and devolves into some cookie monster vocals – “Oh hey Jessica… FUUUUCK YOOOOUUU.” So good.

They have a single coming out on Suicide Squeeze on March 18th, which I am going to be anticipating.

Pink Reason – Seven Inches

By a Thread – Trick Knee Productions (Try Bistro-Distro)
a: By A Thread
b1: The Devil Always Wins
b2: Down on Me
Pink Reason - By A Thread

Self Titled – Criminal IQ (purchase here)
a: Throw it Away
b1: Slate Train
b2: New Violence
Pink Reason - Criminal IQ

This is an attempt to make up for that last Pink Reason post I did back in December. I kind of got caught up in a “holy shit I love this band” and didn’t really pay much attention to anything else.

The one good thing that came out of it was the dude from Trick-Knee leaving the following comment:

“By a Thread” was a 500 press and sold out. The first one was 300 (Kevin) and then several represses through CIQ (I think it eventually sold around 1,000 total). These 2 45s and the debut LP are all from the same “source tapes” or time period. The upcoming Siltbreeze LP is all newer stuff, and is as good or better (to me) than the old stuff. Lots of stuffs.

So there you have it.

The two singles here are both as good as it gets, best-case-scenario basement recordings.  It makes a lot of sense that they come from the same source tapes, as they do sound very similar (actually, the CIQ one sounds a little “darker” in its recording style, so maybe they are coming from a similar period instead of the same source tape.)

The By a Thread single is my favourite of the two – possibly because the recording is slightly less muddy, and possibly because the songs are a little more immediate. Going from “By A Thread” – a brooding (yet melodic) turn through the American underbelly. “The Devil Always Wins” is a surprising southern-gothic stomper, and “Down on Me” takes it back to the areas “By A Thread” was exploring. Really good music here, highly listenable.

The S/T release is a little more… challenging. “Throw it Away” returns to the stuff that you find on the By a Thread single, but the b-sides – “Slate Train” and “New Violence” are pretty far out of left field, in that they are a hell of a lot noisier and grating (especially the terrifiyng. “New Violence”)

In sum, track down this shit. Also, check out this interview he did with Smashin’ Transistors. Dude is HC, and goes off about being in Prison, living in Russia and becoming a meth addict.

Lost Sounds – Motorcycle Leather Boy 7″

a: Motorcycle Leather Boy
b: Love Killed My Brain
Available from Tic Tac Totally
Lost Sounds Tic Tac Totally

In what may be the first amazing 7″ to be released in 2008, Tic Tac Totally! drops this posthumous release from Lost Sounds, aka Jay Reatard and Alicja Trout’s old band that broke up back in 2005. Pioneers of the “Black Wave” sound that combined Metal and New Wave, this seven finds Lost Sounds knee deep in their own brand of shit – abrasive and noisy as ever, but also providing a extremely enjoyable listen.

Did I mention that both of these are Oblivions covers? Jay tackles “Motorcycle Leather Boy” and knocks it out of the park with a spiked baseball bat, while Alicja kicks “Love Killed My Brain” in the ass. This makes me want to listen to their old stuff all day on full volume (to compete with my neighbor, who is currently listening to “Foolish Games” by Jewel – AGAIN! – in what seems to be her morning AND evening routine while contemplating suicide).

Another fine release by what is quickly becoming my favourite micro-label.


If you look to the side, you will see that I have started expanding the links section to “Labels of Note” and “Mailorder” – I am trying to come up with as many active Labels and Distros (smaller the better), and will try and maintain it on a quarterly basis (to cull dead labels), while adding to it whenever I come across something new. If you are looking for some new records, this is a good place to start.

If you see anything that is obviously missing, please leave a comment here and I will add it to the list.


Oh – one other thing – I was reading more about the Blank Dogs guy, and apparently he is doing something crazy with re-directing his mail to make sure his identity is hidden at all costs. Not even the labels he is working with know his real name (etc). Crazy. Blank Dogs = listenable Jandek?

Mannequin Men – s/t 7″

a: Private School
b: Sewers
Available from Criminal IQ

Mannequin Men 7″

This came with a huge order I did with Criminal IQ a while back (Vee Dee, Canadian Rifle, Pink Reasons and this), but for some reason it got lost in the pile and ended up getting filed away before I even listened to it once.  Shit, after those three other records did me so right, maybe I thought I would be jinxing it or something. Yet, with new records being so sparse this month (seriously), I decided to throw this on.

What a nice surprise – especially the first side, Private School – which sounds like the Strokes if they listened to Nirvana instead of Television. Maybe that is a lazy comparison, but Private School sounds so great that I am meaning it in a totally complementary way (I picked up a copy of Nirvana Unplugged on LP at the local vinyl store last week, and forgot how much I used to love Nirvana when I was a kid). This song has some swing, and makes me realize that, in comparison, most of the music I have been listening to lately is so buttoned up, so regimented etc. I think that if you gave this to some kid in middle school, this would totally become their new favourite band.