Frail – Various 7″

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Back in the mid-90’s, I used to be a practicing hardcore kid, collecting a lot of shitty hardcore 7″ records. I had hundreds of them, and over the years as my “taste matured” (aka, I got bored of them), I ended up giving most of them away to friends or whatnot (“hey, want a stack of shitty grindcore 7-inches?”)?

There were only two bands from that era that I have really held onto, and listen on a somewhat frequent basis – Disembodied and Frail. Frail are this unique band that still manages to warm my heard. Sure, they hit all of the major hardcore touchstones that have since become cliche, but they did it with such style and passion that they manage to stand out from the pack. I can listen to this band without ever getting sick of it.

I was trolling eBay this afternoon, and came across this lot. I have all of these already, but I figured someone out there might be interested, especially because they are probably fairly obscure (their only CD release, to my knowledge, was an anthology that collected all of their vinyl singles). Check it out – for a couple of bucks, you really can’t lose.

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