Mannequin Men – s/t 7″

a: Private School
b: Sewers
Available from Criminal IQ

Mannequin Men 7″

This came with a huge order I did with Criminal IQ a while back (Vee Dee, Canadian Rifle, Pink Reasons and this), but for some reason it got lost in the pile and ended up getting filed away before I even listened to it once.  Shit, after those three other records did me so right, maybe I thought I would be jinxing it or something. Yet, with new records being so sparse this month (seriously), I decided to throw this on.

What a nice surprise – especially the first side, Private School – which sounds like the Strokes if they listened to Nirvana instead of Television. Maybe that is a lazy comparison, but Private School sounds so great that I am meaning it in a totally complementary way (I picked up a copy of Nirvana Unplugged on LP at the local vinyl store last week, and forgot how much I used to love Nirvana when I was a kid). This song has some swing, and makes me realize that, in comparison, most of the music I have been listening to lately is so buttoned up, so regimented etc. I think that if you gave this to some kid in middle school, this would totally become their new favourite band.