The Electric Bunnies – singles

Eskimo 7″
a1: Eskimo
a2: Eat Worms
b: Counting Sheep
electric Bunnies Eskimo

Chewing Gum 7″
a1: Chewing Gum
a2: Love Radiation
b1: Super Flourexcent Hippo Flashback
b2: The Stranger
Electric Bunnies

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Both of these singles have been entrenched on my stereo more or less all afternoon. I kind of think I am in love with this band, but you know how I worry about saying those things after one date. Yet, whenever “Chewing Gums” comes on, I get that “tingly” feeling. Sometimes you just know, ok?

Anyone reading this blog knows that my weak spot is describing music. I don’t think I am the only one with that problem, so I don’t feel too badly about it. I am good at saying shit like “my new obsession” and “favourite singles I have heard since ____.” All warranted here. Every song on these two singles are fucking essential, and Electric Bunnies are exactly the kind of band I can get behind – experimental, lo-fi with keeping one foot planted firmly into pop music. Makes a strange beast at times (“The Stranger” which you need to hear), but also makes it all come together in really exciting ways. Add the Electric Bunnies to my “buy everything from” list.

Pre-Orders and Other Things You Should Know About

A whole rash of imited edition style releases that warrant a Saturday post.

Shearing Pinx

At Divorce Records, you can pre-order the Shearing Pinx – Haruspex 7″, which isn’t due until April. Why pre-order? The first 50 will be a special hand-screened design. The other 394 will be factory printed (444 total). I was talking to Divorce a couple of days ago about this release, and there isn’t art or a place to buy it on their website yet, but if you email Darcy at, you can reserve one.

I have been meaning to write about the split / Mutators 12″, which has been in high rotation around here, so this was a no-brainer for me.

Almost Ready

Volume 2 and 4 of Almost Ready’s World’s Lousy 7″ compilation series are ready for pre-order: both 7″s are $12 ppd in the USA/$14to Canada/and $17 overseas. Volume 2 features Lady Doctors, Black Orphan, Factums, The Pink Noise, while volume 4 features Touched, Coconut Coolouts, El Vicio, Fag Cop. To pre-order, paypal:

Shit EagleMentholsElectric Bunnies

Finally, this trio of “first 100 on coloured vinyl” singles from Shit Eagle (gold), Menthols (blue), and The Electric Bunnies (white w/ silk screened covers) is now out from Florida’s Dying, one of my favourite labels right now. This shit is going to be highly collectible, but more than that: this shit is going to be pleasing to your ears.

Jacuzzi Boys – Ghost Ghost 7″

a1: Ghost Ghost 220
a2: Age of the Giant Jellyfish
b: Komi Caricoles
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Jacuzzi Boys - Ghost Ghost

This single perfectly catches the essence of a singular state of mind: that point when you are so inebriated that you are about to pass out, but, for some reason you keep holding on to consciousness. That consciousness, however, is extremely precarious and everything around you slows down for a bit. Imagine being in a dive bar that only has the Rolling Stones on it, and hearing the Rolling Stones in that particular frame of mind is what The Jacuzzi Boys sounds like. Altered.

These songs are very good. I expect to hear good good things from them in the future.  Don’t fuck around and get one for your next opium party.