Cell Memory / Castle If

Cell Memory / Castle If (Toronto, ON)

Bio Says: No bio.

What they think they sound like: Neuwellen, Krautrock, Experimental, Electronic, Shoegaze

Actually sound like: Lost John Carpenter movie soundtrack.

Honest review: Ice cold Kraut with imaginative, ethereal vocals. To my knowledge, they are the only band in Canada making music that sounds like this. Supercool.

Reverbnation account? As if. This band wouldn’t be caught dead on Reverbnation.


Casino (Montreal, QU)

Bio Says: “It’s with a healthy mix of ambition and determination that Casino formed in 2008.”

What they think they sound like: “Loud Alternative”

Honest review: Casino are one of those bands whose slickness will make your blood run cold. Gross. I’ve gotta go take a shower now.

Reverbnation account? Yep.

Careers in Science


Careers in Science (Toronto, ON)

Bio Says: “They started passing copies of Michael Azerrad’s “Our Band Could Be Your Life” from member to member, noting that this document of the American hardcore underground in the 80s was filled with bands that stood up for what they believed in and made music that sounded like nothing that came before it, and nothing since. If we can’t nail down a sound that we want, they said, we will shoot for an idea.”

Honest review: For starters, Careers in Science are after my own heart by starting a band by passing around the essential “Our Band Could Be Your Life.” Makes pretty much every other point mute, really. Take note, other bands, a few ideas can take you a long way.

Are Careers in Science going to take over the world? No. But I will go out of my way to see them live, which is more than I can say for practically every band at CMW.

Also: their LP has the following cover art:


Cardinals (Niagara, ON)

Bio Says: “Named after a street walked nightly during long recording sessions, Cardinals has quickly moved from a high school jazz bands simple indie project to a name more demanding”

Sounds like: Young dudes trying to get laid.

Honest review: These kids are so young… they should not be making adult contemporary music. Christ.

Reverbnation account? Not yet…


Candelora (Calgary, AB)

Bio Says: “Vivid.The word that perfectly describes the sound of the self-titled debut from Candelora that features melodic guitar riffs that intertwine and dance with one another, thick, overdriven bass, drum beats so interesting and catchy you can’t help but move to and lush vocals with a remarkably cool way of storytelling”

What they think they sound like: Wintersleep, The Gaslight Anthem

Sounds like: Default.

Honest review: Remember Default? I WASTED MYYYYY TYYYME. I WASTED MYYYYYY TYYYYME! Think of a less interesting Default and you have Candelora, another rocking Calgary band making another pilgrimage to CMW in search of fame and glory that will never, ever happen for them.

Reverbnation account? You know it.


Cai.ro (Toronto, ON)

Bio Says: “All These Colours” will also be featured by Monster/Diesel for the worldwide launch campaign of their new “Vektr” headphones.

What they think they sound like: “the love child of Gotye and Arcade Fire,”

Sounds like: Music made specifically to sell to ad agencies who can’t afford Gotye or Arcade Fire songs.

Honest review: Another band playing up their commercial appeal (specifically: the commercials they have sold their music to). Also, this is the most interesting thing about Cai.ro, who remind me of the colour scheme inside a Tim Hortons.

Reverbnation account? No reverbnation.