The Worst Jerry, The WORST!

I am up, almost 2am, and insomnia has taken hold again.

I am going to live blog eTalk daily in hopes that it will help me sleep.

– Owen Wilson may have attempted to commit suicide, to which they begin by showing footage of a paparazzi asking David Spade if he had heard the news… WTF? What a weird editorial descision.

–  Justin Timberlake disses Winnipeg? Say WHAT? Lets see what Zack from Canadian idol had to say about it! WTF?

– Red carpet from the Teen Choice awards. To the guy from Sum 41 about his wife Avril “Are you nervous for her?”  WTF?

– Shia vs. Zac: who is the bigger “it guy” right now? How is stealing the most hearts? The result: “There is room for both at the top” – what a cop-out! Pick one!

– “This just in: how did Jennifer Garner get into shape?” – uhhh… that doesn’t even make sense. Did they expect us to believe that someone handed the host a sheet hot off the presses with that? I feel cheap and lied to.

– Time for the news: none of it is worth posting about (sample entry: “the cast members from Degrassi meet some fans!”)

– Ben ……. (super long pause) ………. Mulroney and some advice for the “final four” Canadian Idol contestants. I don’t know which part of this segment is making me hate myself for watching it more.  NO ONE CARES ABOUT CANADIAN IDOL. NO ONE CARES ABOUT CANADIAN IDOL. NO ONE CARES ABOUT CANADIAN IDOL.

– An interview with… PAUL ANKA. Jesus christ. Also: WTF. “What does Jaimie Foxxx have to say about Paul Anka?” Fun fact: Justin Bateman is Paul Anka’s grandson.

–  “Up next: are the hot handbags for the fall?” The TV goes off.

I am not any sleepier, but I definitely feel like I need to take a shower.