Nodzzz – I Don’t Wanna (Smoke Marijuana) 7″

a: I Don’t Wanna (Smoke Marijuana)
b: We are the Only Animals
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This is one of the best things to hit my ear this year (2008 for those of you “unstuck in time”) comes out of nowhere with San Fran power trio Nodzzz. Their first run of these is already sold out – but hey, it takes a long time to get things up to Canada (though apparently, Rocket Reducer still has a handful of copies, so act now or forever hold your repress, which are apparently in the works).  This band has some buzz going for it right now in certain circles, and after finally getting my hands on a copy, I can understand why. This is really bouncy and “fun” (not the mandated kind, mind you), with a loose style reminiscent of Dead Milkmen meets The Modern Lovers. I think I am digging the b-side a bit more “We are the Only Animals”which is a little less novelty driven as “I Don’t Wanna (Smoke Marijuana),” which I am totally not buying. Highly reccomended.

Endangered Ape – Slaying le Monstre Sacre demo

Endangered Ape - Slaying le Monstre Sacre
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This is totally unrelated to records (for now), but my band, Endangered Ape, recently finished our first demo “Slaying le Monstre Sacre,” and I thought I would just upload it here. From reading this blog, you probably have a good sense of what I like, and these recordings aren’t too far off – short songs, maxed out reverb, plenty of noise, with enough hooks to keep things listenable (sometimes).  Looking to put out a 7″ of some of these songs, and if you have a label or other means to help out with that, please get in touch.

Endangered Ape is also looking to do some touring this summer as well (possibly with some other outsider bands from Alberta). Should be fun.


In other SevenTenTwelve matters, I now have a related Myspace page, so friend me or something.

Further, I have put together a grant application to the Alberta government in order to start a Seven Ten Twelve vinyl only label. If things go to plan, I will be putting out my first release in the second half of 2008, the first of a series of outsider Canadian bands that have fallen through the cracks. Really excited about this.

Jeremy Jay – 3 Singles

a: Airwalker
b: We Stay Here (In Our Secret World)

a: We Were There
b: Beautiful Dreamer

a: Moonbeam Window
b1: By The River’s Edge
b2: Moonbeam Window 2
Moonbeam Window
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I purchased these singles on spec after reading some glowing reviews, and spending some time with these singles is like a breath of fresh air. I’ve been getting deeper and deeper into the weird and the obscure that I have been shunning anything with a straightforward melody.  The first one I put on – the Airwalker single – is my favourite of the three. Really clean sounding, eschewing noise in favour of some light reverb and simple, catchy hooks. These singles all sound like Jeremy Jay is creating a nice little world of his own here – at times, he is crooning like an 50’s pop star, but at other times there is this strange frailty/hauntedness to his vocals that kind of reminds me of the calm parts of the early Suicide albums. Love this.  All three are still available directly from K Records.

These singles will appeal to those who are into that brilliant Devon Williams single of last year – both give me that same vibe of being lost in time (Incidentally, I am going to see Devon Williams in May when he is opening for Destroyer, though that has nothing to do with anything here).

Electric Vomit – No End 7″

a: No End
b1: Treasure Hunt
b2: Boredom Abolishing
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Electric Vomit

This 7″ comes from a new Quebec label, Garbage Bag, and features 3 songs from the legendary Electric Vomit, a Montreal band coming out of the first wave of punk in the late 1970’s. This music is clearly rooted in its era, yet I think that it still sounds vital and raw as it did back when it was recorded. This will please those of you who are into the Killed By Death stuff (KBD). I am really excited to hear more from this label (who are set to specialize in first and second wave punk releases (fuck yes). Highly recommended.

From Garbage Bag

Formed in 1978 by acclaimed underground cartoonist Rick Trembles as a young teen, The Electric Vomit were one of the very few bands in Montreal to come out of the first wave of punk rock in the late 70’s. Due to a lack of record labels and a widespread disinterest for punk rock in the area, the band never got much of a chance to spread the word, let alone release any recordings of their music. But now for the first time ever you can hear what was one of the rawest, fastest and most obnoxious bands in Montreal back in the day. The Electric Vomit were known for their garage approach to song-writing & lo-fi live stage theatricalities geared to repulse. These 3 extremely rare studio recordings were committed to reel-to-reel in 1979 featuring Rabid Roy Random’s amazingly snotty vocals, Rick Trembles on guitar, Guy Lapointe on drums, and Carlos Soria on bass (who would later joined his little brother’s renowned band The Nils). This record is sure to please fans of both traditional punk and hardcore as this band is the missing link between the sound of ’77 and early thrash. Pretty fast for it’s era, you could even call it proto-hardcore. 100% raw KBD (Killed By Death) material. Includes full lyrics & an anecdotal band bio written by Trembles.

Dead Luke – Box Set Preview

a: I Want You
b: Waste of Spaces
Available Mid-March from Sacred Bones
Sacred Bones LOGO

Coming in Mid-March is the first of two Dead Luke singles that Sacred Bones is releasing (the second single is due in April). When the first 7″ is released, Sacred Bones will also be taking reservations for a box set which will pset you back around $15; included will be both singles, a four song CDR from the single, buttons, stickers, inserts, etc. Both singles will be pressed in an edition of 500, but there will only be 100 box sets available, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

I have only discovered Dead Luke recently, but I am coming back to his MySpace page and listening on a regular basis – I really like it a great deal (you can actually hear both songs from this single right now – “I Want You” is streaming at Sacred Bones and Waste of Spaces is on Dead Luke‘s Myspace). There is definitely a dark edge to these songs – almost goth in tone (though think old skool goth and not the crap they call goth rock today) – especially listening to “I Want You” and it’s refrain, repeated in this low voice and with its blown out electronics, the whole affair is fairly sinister. Nice. Really looking forward to this one.

While we are at it, Sacred Bones is also releasing a single in March from Nice Face (Thing In My Head b/w Hidden Automatic) who totally kick ass – more blown out goodness that will appeal to fans of weirdo garage rock. Looks good to me. The first 100 Nice Face singles will be on white vinyl, and will likely have unique covers.

Diet Cola – Early Learning 7″

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Diet Cola Early Learning 7″

This is Josh from Deerhunter/SIDS, releasing this on his own label Army of Bad Luck. My ears are finding this to be crazy good – especially “Early Learning” and “Anything Poisonous,” which are spastic, super short, synth driven, electro-punk songs. Limited to 300 copies on white vinyl, you are into this because of the music, but you want this because of the packaging, which is really something – silk-screened on metallic paper. As a bonus, it comes with a CD of the songs (which I wish more labels would do – I am willing to pay an extra dollar or two if it comes with the songs on CD for easy ripping). This is highly recommended.

Radio Rudio – False Rosetta 2×7″

Radio Rudio False Rosetta

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So this is one of those things that I will just order on spec – I read about it on Dusted, about which Doug wrote:

Four sides of radio static with Conet-style vocal recitations peppering the mix. The real TV ghosts; captured sounds of electromagnetic haunt from out of nowhere. One Tom Mulligan is responsible for this offering. It’s something you either know you must own, or will never need to hear. Locked grooves on some, maybe all of the sides. Good right before bed, when you’re so tired you don’t know what’s up. Classy silkscreened sleeve.

I saw “conet-style” and that was it for me. I used to be absolutely obsessed with that Conet box-set, which for the uninitiated is a four cd set of recordings of numbers stations, which are short-wave radio stations that openly broadcast impenetrable codes to secret agents. Most of these were active during the cold war, but to my knowledge some of them are still operating today.

The Conet recordings have a really haunting quality to them, and I can clearly remember the first time I listened five years ago or so and being absolutely terrified. Seriously – nothing is more haunting than a German woman reading in monotone a sequence of numbers in German. If you have heard the weird “YANKE… HOTEL… FOXTROT” at the end of the Wilco album, you will have some idea (Wilco actually sampled from the Conet box without permission and were sued). Looking forward to this one (even if I am not clear on what this even entails).