The Weakends – S/T LP


Label/Buy: Rob’s House
Listen: Myspace

First things first, bad news. The Weakends are from France. Uhh, no, that’s not the bad news. The bad news is that I thought these guys were from North America. Along with my last post, where I admitted that I thought Le Face was from France, it spells it out quite clearly that I need to learn the difference between bands from North America and bands from France. Is there some rule? A formula perhaps? Help me out.

Anyway, the Weakends plays the kind of blues-inspired rock’n’roll that everyone should be tired of by now. God knows I am. This time around, it works because they don’t take themselves too seriously – inserting a garage number like “Arty Party” that breaks up the momentum and clearly does not belong is a pretty ballsy move. It works also because these guys aren’t trying to be Blues Hammer. It’s like this: I get the feeling that these guys aren’t trying so much to ape their influences as so much as just play what they know and have fun while doing so. It’s a feeling that I don’t often get with this type of music.

When you’re in a band like the Weakends and you’re having fun playing your music, more often than not, it translates to what you release. When you’re in a band and you’re concerned with authenticity rather than just playing what you know, more often than not, it’ll probably be a chore for anyone and everyone to listen to.

Thankfully, the Weakends sound like they’re having fun.

New Release Round Up

So many things of note that have just been released, are imminent or that I had missed that a nice little round-up is in order. Who knows, maybe you’ll order something!

HoZac “Hookup Klub” 7″ Single Club: I wasn’t going to write about this for some reason, but then I was reading Seven Inches about how Jason missed the pre-order call, and I figured there were a few more of you who might have missed the very exciting news.

Essentially, HoZac has one of the best tracklists around. I just “completed” my collection with the addition of the Spider 7″ (HoZac 002), and I can say that I listen to every record on a regular basis, save for the White Savage 7″ and the Subtle Turnhips 7″ (though, I think Thomas from The Wicked Awesomes spoiled that one after a show we played with them, and a small group of us stayed up all night drinking and listening to records, and he went on an hour-long tyrade about how much he hated that record).

You’re going to get 10 records in this club in three seperate mailings, a bunch of stuff that no-one has heard of yet, including: Teeth (a collaboration between Blank Dogs and Spider!!!), Dum Dum Girls (who also have a 12″ coming on Blank Dogs new record label Captured Tracks), TeePee (the cassette on Jerkwave is fucking great). Also, a new Box Elders 7″ (finally), and a band I’ve been recently turned on to – White Mystery. The rest – Idle Times, Woven Bones, Art Thieves, Flight, Mother of Tears – I don’t know too much about, but I trust HoZac to do me right. Limited to 500 records each.


Vaticano “Mocosos Pateticos LP”

Out on the great Siltbreeze label, this has been best described as “The Mexican Spits”, and that certainly sounds accurate to me. Sloppy, lofi garage punk, sung in Spanish. Limited to 700.


Dull Knife Records has announced the Dull Knife Songwriter Series which should be available in the next six weeks. The initial entries will be from Richard Youngs and Dan Melchior, with each 7″ in a hand-numbered edition of 300. They also have the RTFO Bandwagon LP coming soon!


Death …For the Whole World to See LP

This re-issue (recorded originally in 1974) has me v. excited. Drag City has pre-orders up now.


Eat Skull have a new split 7″ with Gaglions. Gonna set you back $7.08 Paypal


Le Face – Isolation LP


Label/Buy: Dead Beat
Listen: Myspace

The description of Le Face’s full-length debut on Dead Beat Records’ website mentions the Urinals more than once. I don’t really hear it. Those Urinals are way more melodic than these guys are capable of.

Not like I’m saying it’s a negative point for Le Face.

What I hear is a toned-down, less dense version of labelmates the Daily Void. Or maybe, at times, a less poppy, more thrashy version of the Intelligence. These guys stand on their own though. Great, thrashed-up garage punk.

And I totally thought these guys were French because of their name and the vocalist’s delivery. Turns out they’re from LA.

Suppositories – Moments of Square Violence LP

Label/Buy: Going Gaga Records
Listen: Myspace

Wire’s Pink Flag has been picked apart and reinterpreted in so many ways by so many different bands, and yet hearing the debut debut from Ottowa’s Suppositories made me realize how much potential there is in riffing off of the slower, sludgier songs on that album – “Reuters” and “Pink Flag” especially. Take a deliberate, driving chord progression, and repeat until song has reached its logical conclusion. Moments of Square Violence is full of songs that use this style, and the result is a collection of claustrophobic songs that just build and build without having to rely on getting heavy or loud or overly complicated.  These are short, simple and devastatingly effective songs. Moments of Square Violence definitely benefits from great production, and because it is vinyl only (45 RPM 12″, nice!), the songs have some time to grow on you.

France Has The Bomb – Invisible Angle 7″


A. Invisible Angle
B. Grim Trigger 

Label: HoZac
Listen: Myspace
Buy: Rocket Reducer

France Has The Bomb’s new 7″ is now out on Horizontal Action, along with a new Nobunny 7″ and the new Nice Face, which I covered last week. For this entry, I was about to cover the new Nobunny as well to complete the new trio of HoZacs but fuck it, I bet copies of that will be sold regardless.

Remember a couple of years back when it seemed like every other band had a RIYL that included Gang of Four? Thing is, 5% of that illustrious group actually sounded like GO4. The other 95%? You can thank lazy journalists. Fortunately, we have a band like France Has The Bomb that shows that GO4 comparisons don’t have to be the touch of death.

The A-side contains “Invisible Angle”, a track that has a heavy, post-punk sound. It sits right on the fence between tight and sloppy so that it somehow fits really well into the current garage rock scene, wherever it may be or you want to call it. The B-side, “Grim Trigger”, slows things down a wee bit. The term “college rock” immediately comes to mind, for better or worse, and it’s reminiscent of a billion bands of the past and present but, like the A-side, it’s a well-crafted track so I won’t complain.

Radiohead 12″ Single Reissues

Capitol Records recently reissued Radiohead’s back-catalog on vinyl, and because they love money, they are doing more reissuing in the form of twelve “limited edition” 12″ singles on vinyl.

The reissues include the rare Drill EP (Radiohead’s first release), but because they are a major label and fuck everything up, all the covers are of the actual size of the original 5″ CD singles printed as a sticker on the special branded 12″ sleeves and look shitty.

The included singles are Drill, Creep, My Iron Lung, Just, Fake Plastic Trees, High and Dry, Street Spirit [fade out], Paranoid Android, Karma Police, No Surprises, Pyramid Song, There There and 2+2=5.

Insound is doing pre-orders, though they aren’t going to be released until almost May. With shipping, this is going to set you back around $150-160.

Stinks in here.

The Hunches – Exit Dreams LP


Label: In The Red
Listen: Myspace (no songs are up but maybe keep checking back…?)
Buy: Midheaven

After the longest wait, The Hunches have finally put out their anticipated third and final LP, Exit Dreams. Not content to leave us with their effort from 2004, Hobo Sunrise, this Portland band has decided to go out with a fuzzed-out bang. Like most bands of their ilk, they are most effective at a maxed-out tempo. Tracks like “Ate My Wheel” and “Pinwheel Spins” are some of the best music they’ve released (and barring a comeback, that they will ever release). Although the record drags a bit when they decide to drag (“Not Invented”), there are more than enough highlights here to make Exit Dreams a solid final LP from one of the best bands so far this century.