Class divisions reflected in Myspace and Facebook?

A fascinating read (here)

What I lay out in this essay is rather disconcerting. Hegemonic American teens (i.e. middle/upper class, college bound teens from upwards mobile or well off families) are all on or switching to Facebook. Marginalized teens, teens from poorer or less educated backgrounds, subculturally-identified teens, and other non-hegemonic teens continue to be drawn to MySpace. A class division has emerged and it is playing out in the aesthetics, the kinds of advertising, and the policy decisions being made.

A moment of doubt

I take a moment away from constant self promotion to actually do some “real” work, and I realize how much I have taken on, and how slowly I have been working on it. This is kind of my thing – I tend to work in cycles, and I realized JUST NOW that I am starting in on one of my working hard cycles, given that Summer is almost two months down, and I don’t have a great deal to show for it.

Wait, that isn’t exactly true. I don’t have a lot of academic work to show for it – I have been reading a lot (which, I suppose, is something that I can’t really account for. This is, I suppose, a major flaw in my field. That reading, such a required element to academia, is pretty much completely unaccounted for, outside of referencing and not sounding like an illiterate).

In the last two months, I have had a great deal of time with my son (almost full time for the last bit, and which I will spare you the gory gories on), learned how to fly fish, gone to many garage sales (got The White Album on vinyl for a loonie on Friday, and it had all the posters and everything), stared a radio show, worked on promoting my band and some concerts, gone to some soccer games, went to a music festival…  but not much of what I should be doing – which is writing (the paper I am doing with Mark, and a huge grant proposal).

I have a few late nights ahead of me.

Sled Island Preview Playlist

Here is the playlist for the Sled Island preview tomorrow afternoon from 430 to 6!

Jane Vain and the Dark Matter – Don’t Mind Us

Cat Power – Cross Bones Style

The Forbidden Dimension – Bloody Show

C’mon – Waste My Time

Destroyer – Students Carve Hearts Out of Coal (alternate version)

Chad VanGaalen – Gun

Mates of State – Goods

Montag – Going Places

Miracle Fortress – Mabe Lately

The Summerlad – Spent the Weak

My Bloody Valentine – When You Sleep

Rocket Smog – Mission to Inglewood

Aaron Booth – Couldn’t Wait

Lucid 44 – Why Don’t You Just…

The Grim Beat – Red Light

The Square Waves – All That’s Left

Eric Bachman – Lonesome Warrior

Factory Records Fonts

Peter Saville, the British designer closely associated with Factory Records, is offering free downloads of some of the fonts he used in designing record sleeves and other work for New Order, Joy Division, and other Factory Records artists.

Joy Division Closer – Trajan (Adobe)
Blue Monday – Engravers Gothic (Bitstream)
New Order 1981 – Futura (Bauer)
New Order 1993 – Handel Gothic (Linotype)
New Order Ceremony – Albertus (Mecanorma)
New Order 316 – BT Incised 901 (Bitstream) = Antique Olive (Linotype)
New Order Regret – Rotis Serif (Agfa)

Rush Hour Renegades, already in Podcast form

If you go to, you will be able to see our playlist, as well as listen or download the entire program in Mp3 form.

We have also made a Podcast feed, which you can subscribe to HERE. We have also submitted the podcast to iTunes, which you will be able to find shortly with the search function within iTunes. That way, you will be able to download each episode as it comes up.

What are you waiting for?

Topics discussed between amazing music for show one:

– The meaning of the Velvet Underground’s “Here She Comes Now”

– Women talking in baby voices

– What kinds of clothes Paul imagines he would be wearing in the disco era

– Joel Plaskett, and if he sucks or not.

– Disco, and if it sucks or not.

– How “Sled Island” sounds like “Slut Island”



(more from McSweeney’s here)

ME: For some reason, I can’t get this report orb to beam.

HOTSHOT: Well, go ahead and materialize the topaz orb first. That should launch your facefield preferences.

ME: OK, here goes … Wait, remind me, how do I get to the topaz orb? Sorry, I knew how to do this just a second ago—I imagine a shape, right?

HOTSHOT: Kind of. Defocus your eyes and visualize a beam of light illuminating a rhombus. That will materialize the topaz orb.

ME: Hmm … It’s still not working.

HOTSHOT: OK, let’s back up a step. Which wormhole did you do your push-up in?

ME: I’m pretty sure it was Wormhole Gamma. But I did a sit-up. Does a sit-up not work?

HOTSHOT: Oh, you did a sit-up? (Smirk.) Yeah. That’s probably why it’s not working. Try it again.

(I lie down and do a push-up. Immediately, a lifelike 3-D porno hologram materializes in my cubicle with the volume turned way up. Co-workers begin to gather. The hologram depicts me naked on the plank of a pirate spaceship with our company’s robot intern, Suzanne. The scenario is dirty in a way not yet fully describable in our present age.)

ME: Turn it off!!

HOTSHOT: I can’t. You have to double-imagine the red orb to quit out of iPerv.

(I try desperately to materialize the red orb, but instead accidentally launch a hologram chat with my late grandfather from beyond the grave.)

GRANDFATHER HOLOGRAM: Where am I? Who’s moved my reading chair?

ME: Granddad, I can explain. Hold on a sec …

(Swatting at my temples like a fevered gibbon, I accidentally materialize a mastodon diorama, Dabney Coleman, the color green, and John Coltrane’s Giant Steps album.)

Sled Island

A follow up to my post below on Sled Island.

Buy a pass.  Take a couple days off work, and get your fill of live music. There are bands for everyone, and even if you haven’t heard of many of them, you can hear almost all of them via Myspace.

I won’t take any excuses.

Partying like its 1996

Today I did something in Downtown Lethbridge that I hadn’t done since 1996… I put up a shit load of gig posters on light-poles, in stores, and any flat surface that I could find. There I was, getting yelled at by shop owners, getting harrassed by homeless people (though, to be fair, one dude that was wasted out of his mind decided he wanted to help me, so he followed me around for 20 minutes and held them up so I could tape. This was fine, until his homeless buddies started harrassing him “Who’s the new girlfriend.”

I also went to the pub that we are playing at “Jesters” to give them posters and talk shop, and my MOM happened to drive by. I got a phone call asking if there was anything I needed to “discuss,” seeing as how I was going into a shitty dive-bar at 2 in the afternoon.

Jesters is not nearly as nice as Tongue and Groove. Just thought I would put that out there. Though I mostly had miserable experiences at the T’nG, I am thinking that this new venue will lead to nothing except heartache for everyone involved. It was so… I don’t know… hostile? We’ll see how it goes.

The Square Waves Shows


For anyone who reads this who doesn’t know, my band The Square Waves is playing at Sled Island at the end of June. This is a four day, multi-venue festival in Calgary running June 27-30, featuring some big name acts like Cat Power, Spoon, The Walkmen, Les Savy Fav, Destroyer, Mates of State, Boredoms, Erich F’n Bachman (Archers of Loaf / Crooked Fingers). We are playing on June 30 at an all-ages “new bands to watch for” show at some gallery or something called Emmedia, or EM Media perhaps. Tickets for the entire festival are $180. For our little show it’s just $8.00. We are second last in a roster of many, so it should be fun and nerve racking, and a definite high or low point of the Square Waves career, depending on how we sound. You can buy tickets for just our show, but you have to get them ONLINE.

Before that, however, we are playing a June 22nd show at Jester’s, which used to be The Edge or The York or whatever. We are opening for Calgary’s own Hot Little Rocket, who recently recorded an album with indie-super producer Steve Albini. I hate Steve Albini, but we’ll save that for another day.

Also, a nice band called Reily (Brampton, Ontario) are playing. To my knowledge, The Acorn are not playing.

My friend Gillian made this poster. She is gonna be famous one day, and it is cool that she does these for us for relatively low cost. Gillian rules.

Oh, and I copied most of this word for word from Future Shock, because I am lazy.