Do you watch All My Children? I don’t… but these clips of the Transgendered character Zarf are certainly making me reconsider. What is going on here!?!?!

From Best Week Ever:

AKA Zarf gets his period aka The Funniest All My Children Moment of All Time. Please watch this. We are busy memorizing it in order to audition for that Grease reality show everyone’s talking about.

In America today…

At least nine electronic devices, planted at bridges and other parts of Boston as part of a marketing campaign for a late-night cartoon, threw a scare into the city Wednesday. Highways, bridges and a section of the Charles River were shut down and bomb squads were sent in before authorities declared the devices were harmless. 

The device?

From Boing Boing:

There was a terrorism scare in Boston today — strange devices were found all over the city. The bomb squad came and detonated one of them, and removed the others. Turns out the devices are part of a guerrilla marketing campaign for [Cartoon Network’s] “Aqua Teen Hunger Force.” The devices are little LED Moominites.

Unfortunately, Meatwad was unavailable for comment at this time.

Honestly though, I was watching CNN’s coverage on this “terrorist scare” and I couldn’t believe it. The hosts, visibly shaken over the ordeal (?!?) kept saying, over and over again “Is there any word on if this has been happening all over the country?” “What is the word on the rest of the country?” “Have they found any of these “devices” in New York yet?”

Then, when it became clear that these devices were an advertising gimmick, the announcers were repeating the refrain “someone is going to get into big trouble over this!” “This is a serious matter that is going to be dealt with severely!” and on and on like this.

Question: why isn’t anyone (and by anyone, I mean government regulators) “taking it very seriously” the panic that this type of “we don’t know anything at this point except that it could be really really bad. Wait, this just in… this could be the work of TERRORISTS!” Was the fear and panic that resulted from this marketing campaign gone awry soley in the hands of the marketing company, or should CNN take some of the heat on this too?

The whole thing becomes muddled when you look into it, and find out that CNN and The Cartoon Network are owned by the same media conglomeration…

The air hangs heavy

I live in a basement apartment, beneath a very sweet grandma-ish woman who is hard of hearing.

Today, I come home and the place feels different, I picked up on it instantly. You know that feeling you get when it seems like someone was in your stuff, but you can’t prove it… it is just a feeling? This was that.

A few hours later, my phone rings, and this woman upstairs is calling me. She tells me that if I am hearing strange noises upstairs (?) that I shouldn’t be worried about it, because it was just her grieving over her husband who passed away a few days ago.

Her husband has been living with Parkinson’s in a nursing home for the last five years or so, and the lady upstairs spends every day there with him.  She told me that in a way she felt relieved, but that it was just so “final.”

What do you say in situations like this? I offered my condolences, and offered to help out with anything she needed, but the whole thing just feels really… heavy.  I have never met this man, and the lady upstairs and I have spoken only a handful of times, mainly pleasantries. Yet her grief left me feeling really sad.

Explains why this apartment feels different.

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