Jacuzzi Boys – Ghost Ghost 7″

a1: Ghost Ghost 220
a2: Age of the Giant Jellyfish
b: Komi Caricoles
Purchase from Floridas Dying
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Jacuzzi Boys - Ghost Ghost

This single perfectly catches the essence of a singular state of mind: that point when you are so inebriated that you are about to pass out, but, for some reason you keep holding on to consciousness. That consciousness, however, is extremely precarious and everything around you slows down for a bit. Imagine being in a dive bar that only has the Rolling Stones on it, and hearing the Rolling Stones in that particular frame of mind is what The Jacuzzi Boys sounds like. Altered.

These songs are very good. I expect to hear good good things from them in the future.  Don’t fuck around and get one for your next opium party.


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