Jeremy Jay – 3 Singles

a: Airwalker
b: We Stay Here (In Our Secret World)

a: We Were There
b: Beautiful Dreamer

a: Moonbeam Window
b1: By The River’s Edge
b2: Moonbeam Window 2
Moonbeam Window
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I purchased these singles on spec after reading some glowing reviews, and spending some time with these singles is like a breath of fresh air. I’ve been getting deeper and deeper into the weird and the obscure that I have been shunning anything with a straightforward melody.  The first one I put on – the Airwalker single – is my favourite of the three. Really clean sounding, eschewing noise in favour of some light reverb and simple, catchy hooks. These singles all sound like Jeremy Jay is creating a nice little world of his own here – at times, he is crooning like an 50’s pop star, but at other times there is this strange frailty/hauntedness to his vocals that kind of reminds me of the calm parts of the early Suicide albums. Love this.  All three are still available directly from K Records.

These singles will appeal to those who are into that brilliant Devon Williams single of last year – both give me that same vibe of being lost in time (Incidentally, I am going to see Devon Williams in May when he is opening for Destroyer, though that has nothing to do with anything here).

Devon Williams – A Truce | Elevator 7″

a: A Truce
b: Elevator
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Oh man, I’m kind of freaking out over this.

I ordered it based on the fact that one of the guys from No Age put it in his 2007 top ten – I like No Age, hadn’t heard of this Devon Williams character. Magic. Since then, I’ve seen it on a few more top ten lists, including SevenTenTwelve favourite Dan Bejar (did I mention here how I FINALLY won a copy of Streethawk: A Seduction on vinyl? This thing has been my White Whale for a few years now, and I even managed to get it for a pretty sweet price – $120, which makes it the single highest dollar amount that I have ever paid for vinyl). So yeah, Dan Bejar likes it, Randy from No Age likes it – but, the Mp3 blogger’s remain silent? Isn’t this your job, Mp3 bloggers, to find the good shit and put it under people’s noses?

Oh well.

Generally, I only write about records that I dig (you dig?) – I have a pretty sizable collection, growing every week, and there is lots there that I could be writing about, but don’t – because, as I see it, just because I hate something doesn’t mean that it isn’t good (and vice versa). Too many factors to account for with taste. Plus, the last thing struggling musicians need is another asshole blogger saying that they suck. Which may be the case, but what’s the point? I’ve been in bands long enough to know how much it can feel like banging your head against the wall (my new band, Light Years, is gonna be different though – we’re gonna light it up!).

Which is a really long-winded way for me to emphasize the following – this 7″ is REALLY fucking good. I know I say that lots (there is, after all, a lot of really fucking good 7″ records out there), but this 7″ would be the one I would pick if my house was burning down. Fuck the rest of them. Since the No Age singles arrived at my doorstep, I can’t think of any other 7″ that I have just played over and over and over and over again. Like now – I just got up and played it again. What more can I say to hype this out of proportion?

Prediction time – I am going to say about Devon Williams (which I think I also said about Abe Vigoda a few months ago): this guy is going to blow up. Big time. I’ll eat my hat if he doesn’t. From these two songs, I know it in my heart. This music is just too transcending, too universal not to catch on. When he gets around to releasing a full length, Pitchfork is gonna give it a 10.0 (at which point the backlash will start, so now is the time to get on board). Even if these are the two best songs this guy ever writes, he will have made his mark on the world.

Think a more accessible Magnetic Fields, the best Belle and Sebastian song, the pop-sensibilities of Elliott Smith (Figure 8 era), Morrissey with a cold, a less annoying Jens Leckman, the 70’s quirk of Harry Nilsson… on and on I go. Hyperbole aside, this is why I do this. Fuck me.