The Coathangers – S/T 7″

a1: Never Wanted You
a2: Spider Hands
b1: Tripod Machine
b2: Don’t Touch My Shit
Purchase from Die Slaughterhaus

The Coathangers First Seven Inch

Continuing on with my “Seven Inches that I Overlooked in 2007” list (they are still slowly making their way to me) comes this great record that made the year end list over at Seven Inches (Everyday).

Each of these songs provoke a unique reaction, though I am not sure what. Each of the songs are simple in structure, but delivered with such ferocity that you can’t help but get sucked in to the mess. Favourite song is the last one “Don’t Touch My Shit” – which has some amazing lyrics and a melody driven by the “telephone”setting on some shitty synth, and devolves into some cookie monster vocals – “Oh hey Jessica… FUUUUCK YOOOOUUU.” So good.

They have a single coming out on Suicide Squeeze on March 18th, which I am going to be anticipating.

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