Hunchbacks – Werse Sounds 7″

a: Werse Sounds
b: Beautiful (Christina Aguilera cover)
Purchase from Sacred Bones


Hot damn – picked this up, not knowing what to expect other than it was on Sacred Bones and I am loose with my money. Accidentally put this on the b-side first, to discover a Christina Aguilera cover, with Michael Gerald (the Killdozer guy) trading vocals with a child. At first, I was kind of annoyed (I have a hate on for ironic covers), but this was actually pretty funny. It is hard to hate on little kids, right?  The A-Side, “Werse Sounds” is pretty fucking rad, perfect for this years Halloween party.

Keep your eyes peeled to the Sacred Bones MySpace page, as there is a note there today that hints at a special pre-order scenario-type-deal-thingy for the new Pink Noise and Factum’s full lenghts (looking like a free-seven inch). Nice!

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