Jay Reatard/Deerhunter Split 7″ Preorder

a: Jay Reatard – Florescent Grey (Deerhunter cover)
b: Deerhunter – Oh, It’s Such a Shame (Reatard cover)

So, if you are obsessive as me, you just spent the last 20+ minutes trying to pre-order the fourth single from Matador’s ever decreasing Jay Reatard singles-sweepstakes. The masses were waiting at the gate to grab one of these after the last single sold out almost immediately (and if you pay any attention to eBay, most of them went up for auction), hammering Matadors checkout cart, and generally pissing everyone off in the process. I got one (or so I think – who knows how many orders were processed before me), but this whole process makes me feel dirty. Think Cabbage Patch kids in the 1980’s; think sports cards in the early 1990’s; think Beanie Babies at McDonalds…

UPDATE: This is from Matador:

To Everyone That Ordered Today,
To start off with, we are deeply sorry about how messed up everything got with the Jay Reatard pre-order. There were a number of frustrations and mess-ups along the way that made ordering this record insanely difficult. It initially got put up too early, and those that ordered it early ended up not being able to re-order during the regular time. The first orders were deleted, but their cancellation wasn’t processed in time. Coupled with the slow server speed, a lot of people who signed in very early ended up empty handed.

To make up for this, and make it fair for all of the people that want to order the record we are going to re-start pre-order Tomorrow, 7/15 at 3PM ET. All orders from today are getting cancelled. I know it’s even more annoying to go through all of this again but we will work incredibly hard to ensure that there is more room on the server to accommodate traffic, and make sure that we don’t have any more “FRAUD” notifications for people that already ordered.

Once again, we’re going to do pre-order again Tomorrow, 7/15, at 3PM ET at matadorrecords.com/store

I’m very sorry about this and sincerely hope that we can regain your trust.

So fucking stupid.

Update: Looks like Matador is doing the right thing here:

As many of you are aware, the preorder process for Jay Reatard 7″ #4 turned into a nightmare for you and for us. First, on Monday, the preorder accidentally went live at 1:30 PM, 90 minutes earlier than was announced. Early orders poured in, and since this seemed unfair to those who were waiting until 3:00 PM to order, we cancelled those orders and started the process again at 3. However, due to a rule at our credit-card processing company that we had never had reason to encounter before, anyone who ordered for a second time on the same card got a duplicate/fraud message, and were not allowed to complete the order. In addition, the rush of orders at 3 was so intense that the server slowed down to a crawl, and many people were not able to complete their orders at all.
In light of all this we decided to redo the order at 3 PM on Tuesday. We cancelled all orders for a second time, got with our credit card processing company to shorten the timeout period for duplicate orders, and got with our ISP to prepare for an onslaught of traffic at 3.
However we were not prepared for the amount of traffic we did get yesterday – over 10,000 unique visitors at 3 PM, and the server once again slowed to a crawl or worse, leaving many people out in the cold, disgusted, and fed up with Matador – understandably. (For comparison’s sake, the entire Matador website usually gets 8,000 unique visitors per day.) We’re still not clear whether the publicity resulting from the previous two preorders led to the increase in visitors, or whether this was some kind of denial of service attack from a disgruntled customer.
In any event, we have collated orders from everyone who ordered successfully the first OR second time with those who ordered successfully the third time, and we are filling orders for everyone who got a successful order confirmation from us, whether it was cancelled or not.
We’d like to offer apologies for all the drama and hassle, but we’ve been apologizing non-stop and that’s not what you guys want – you want an efficient order process, and that’s what we pledge to offer in the future. It’s going to be even harder to buy singles #5 and #6 – that’s the whole point of this exercise after all – but it won’t be due to technical problems. We’ll have security, traffic, credit card processing and everything else sorted out and tested well in advance of the remaining 7″ preorders, and it will work the way it’s supposed to. I think that’s all we can say at this time.
Matador Records

The Pink Noise – The Sun King 7″ Pre-Order

a1. Huntsman
a2. Soda Jerk
b1. Thunderbird
b2. Animals remix

Label: Almost Ready Records
Listen: The Pink Noise
Buy: Paypal some money to almostreadyrecords@live.com (US – $7 / Can – $6.66 / World $10)

Almost Ready Records has put out something ridiculous like 5 releases in so many months, with more coming soon. I don’t know he does it – everything he releases has been selling out within a few weeks (for example, the “Worlds Lousy With Ideas” series currently up to volume five, with volume six coming soon with the splooge-worthy lineup of Little Claw, Eat Skull and Psychedelic Horseshit), and for all of their releases they do a shitload of cover variations *, and ON TOP OF THIS, they get their records out (taped with his trademark Burger King packing tape) quicker than any other label or distro I have ever ordered from. Almost Ready is also putting out a single soon from Edmonton’s The Wicked Awesomes, going to be blowing the lid off that band soon enough.

The latest is this new single from Toronto’s The Pink Noise (who also have a full length out on Sacred Bones, which I think is also still in pre-order status). They have “Thunderbird” from this single on their Myspace page, so go decide if this is for you or not. I like it, makes me want to punch-dance. 300 copies.

* which is way interesting.better than colour vinyl variations. I know this seems like a fucking Star Wars nerd arguing with a Star Trek nerd, but the whole releasing a record in fourteen colour variations is a cancer. Have you seen one of these dudes that have have all fourteen versions of the same record “in all the colours”? Why aren’t these people buying fourteen different records with that money? No one ever looks through a “colour collectors” record stash and thinks anything but “this guys a fucking idiot”. From one idiot to another, I know this shit.

RTFO Bandwagon – “New Jack” 7″ preorder

Dull Knife records has a sweet pre-order that was just put up moments ago.  They are currently taking pre-orders for the first RTFO Bandwagon 7″, with the first 50 orders receiving a “special edition”, and the pressing being very small at 300 copies total, you are going to need to hustle on this one. This band features Rich from Psychedelic Horseshit on drums, and are from the musical powderkeg of Columbus, Ohio.

While you are at it, order the Hearts of Animals 7″ from them too. It is good.

Cheveu / Crash Normal – Split 7″ Preorder

Cheveu and Crash Normal

Rococo records has this single up for pre-order now! Both of these bands are from France, and both of them are really awesome. First 100 takers get theirs in special blue vinyl, and if you are anything like me, you feel special having one of 100 of something.  Listen to Crash Normal (the song on this split, “Plastic Bar” is rad) and Cheveau if you haven’t already.

Shearing Pinx – Haruspex 7″ Pre-order

Shearing Pinx

You can still pre-order the Shearing Pinx – Haruspex 7″.  The first 50 of these are a special hand-screened design, and there are still a few these left (what is wrong with you people – Get on this!). Pre-order the 7″ on the Divorce site now (they are shipping in a couple of weeks). I am super excited for this release and I would be surprised if it doesn’t end up in my top singles of the year (given how much I like the other Shearing Pinx recordings).

Jay Reatard 7″ Series – ON NOW

Jay Reatard See Saw

Matador Records started taking pre-orders for the first of its Jay Reatard singles series today at 3pm ET.  They are only allowing one-record per person. First edition is supposedly 2500 copies, which should move quickly, but hardly qualifies this one as “hard to get” in the long run. Though, that said, each of the successive singles will come in increasingly limited quantities, so it is hard to say how many “complete sets” will end up out there.  Thanks to Marco for the heads up on this.


Also, the Dead Luke box set reservation is over (all 100 were reserved).

Dead Luke Reservation and Pre-Order!

Sacred Bones LOGO

I first wrote about this back in February, and the time has come:

Sacred Bones is currently taking reservations for the Dead Luke box set. As far as I can tell, the reservations were announced this afternoon (and are already half reserved). 100 reservations are being accepted, and you just email caleb@sacredbonesrecords.com with the heading DEAD LUKE BOX. When the second Dead Luke single comes out, you will get an email with payment information (that is – you aren’t paying now, only placing a set on hold). The set will include both Sacred Bones singles, a cd-r with two or three unreleased songs, inserts and other bits. This will be in edition of 100. Box cover art by Ilth (www.myspace.com/iwishihadablackcock).

You can also pre-order the first of the two Dead Luke singles, and the new Nice Face single:

Dead Luke
a: I Want You
b: Waste Of Spaces

Nice Face

100 copies of gold wax, with alternate cover color scheme.
a:Thing In My Head
b:Hidden Automatic


one 7″ – $7.00 ppd
two 7″ – $12.50 ppd
three 7″ – $18.00 ppd

one 7″ – $7.75 ppd
two 7″ – $13.25 ppd
three 7″ – $18.75 ppd

one 7″ – $10.00 ppd
two 7″ – $15.50 ppd
three 7″ – $21.00 ppd

Paypal to: caleb AT sacredbonesrecords. com