Afternoon Naps – Can’t Stop the Weather 7″

a1: Can’t Stop the Weather
b1: Clean Bill of Health
b2: Happy all the Time

Available directly from Cloudberry Records

IN which sometimes one can be sucked into the gravitational pull of an unknown band by a list of influences: As Dodge from My Kentucky Blog says “Fans of Voxtrot, Belle & Sebastian, The Beach Boys and Orange Juice will probably love this band.” This is where I think to myself: “I like all of those bands!” and check them out. Guess what, Dodge is spot on, and I have a new band to follow.

This is sunny pop music, that is ultimately really safe (who doesn’t love pop music?), ends up being compelling enough to warrant the “instant order overload” You know, where you listen to a few songs and then order everything you can find? That is what I just did. Check it out.

In the process, I see that Cloudberry records is 73 records into some kind of series… awesome.

UPDATE: I just got word that I ordered a 3″ CD-r, not a 7″. I could take this down, but won’t.

Slumberland Records – In Search of the New 7″ Series

Available from Midheaven  and Slumberland on January 21.

This looks promising – yet another seven inch series to spend your money on. This one isn’t exactly a club, but the label is planning is to release two limited-edition split 7″ singles every ten weeks or so, then compile every eight singles onto CDs to keep them available.   All singles will be pressed on color vinyl and packaged in special sleeves — full-color, letterpress, silkscreen or something else cool.

The first split single will be from  Roy Moller & The Company, (the Company being Gary Thom and Stevie Jackson from Belle and Sebastian) and the Hermit Crabs  (a folk-pop band from Glasgow), and the second one will be “Spectorian pop of Bye! (featuring Archie Moore from Velocity Girl/Black Tambourine) with the suave pop stylings of The Happy Couple”

This actually sounds pretty great!

Manchester Orchestra / Annuals Split Tour Only 7″

a: Manchester Orchestra – Brother (Annuals cover) (Stream)

b: Annuals – Where Have You Been (Manchester Orchestra cover)


Thanks to Jason at Seven Inches (Everyday) (if you like this blog, you will love his) –  I am still unclear where you can get this now that the tour has finished, it is absolutely essential that you obtain this via any means necessary (perhaps try their label – Canvasback music – who are also responsible for the absolutely essential Once soundtrack, my favourite 2007 movie).

Anyway, this is one of those deals where the bands cover each other. Manchester Orchestra’s cover of “Brother” is so good – not necessarily transcending the bombastic original (which remains a favourite to this day), but at the very least matching it in mood and arrangement (it goes for a rootsy vibe, and the only comparison I can give is Jason Collette’s cover of “Reunion” off that Stars remix album).  This is definitely the winner hear, and I am eager to hear more from Manchester Orchestra now that I have heard this. The Annuals cover of MO’s “Where Have You Been?” – which is perhaps less successful in comparison, but still ends up being perfectly listenable.

Vee Dee – Glimpses of Another World 7″

a: Glimpses of Another World
b1: Death Cult Kissing Booth
b2: What We See
Available directly from Criminal IQ Records / Listen to these on their MySpace

Chicago’s Vee Dee are a psychedelic garage melting pot, and are working hard to embarrass all of the weak bands working in this genre. The title track is an epic 5:57 minute odyssey – mind expanding riffs, relentless bass chug, and out of this world vox. Flip this over to find two shorter songs that bring the pop and leave you wanting more.

This is the first record I listened to in 2008, a good omen I think.