The Mantles – Burder +3 7″

a2:Walk with Me
b1:The Garden
b2:Trouble In the Streets
Stream at MySpace
Purchase from Dulc-I-Tone Records

I’ve been searching for more bands like The Ostrich (which I have been going off about for far too long)- quirky, psychedelic drone-pop… and I think I have been satisfied with this Mantles single. I like this music to have a sinister quality that is just so often lacking, otherwise it is just another generic garage band.

The Mantles are very good at what they do. This single sounds like it existed thirty or fourty years ago. They capture the essence of another time in a way that few other bands are able to pull off. At the same time, it sounds like it is coming out an alternate future where the world where Smashmouth’s “Walking on the Sun” became such a phenomenon that everybody in the world only listens to that kind of music (also, in said alternate reality, Smashmouth is killed in a tragic Van accident and can never unleash “All Star” on the world).  Long about way of saying that I am stoked on this single, and recommend that you check it out.

Limited to 300 copies that come in beautiful silk-screened covers.


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