The Pharmacy – Abdominable 7″

a: Tropical Yeti Song
b: Plastic Bugs
Available at Tic Tac Totally
Streaming at MySpace

Still catching on the 7″ records that slipped through my hands in ’07, finding weird end of year lists that mention 45’s, etc. etc. Yesterday it was Bat For Lashes, whom I didn’t check out because I figured I would hate it (I don’t); today it is The Pharmacy, whom entirely flew under my radar, even though I spent some time on Tic Tac Totally’s website (I even reviewed the Hipshakes/Cococoma split – which is one of their nine releases).

I got this today, and I am loving it to pieces – quirky-pop meltdowns, with great vocal hooks and melodies to spare. Think They Might Be Giants meets The Unicorns (R.I.P.), and add some youthful exuberance that will get your ass moving. Looking forward to the full length coming out in Feb. Highly recommended.


One thought on “The Pharmacy – Abdominable 7″

  1. Yea, I was surprised at Bats for Lashes too, I picked something up and liked it a lot…but the Pharmacy…any band mentioned along with the Unicorns has to be good.

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