8 years later.

I started blogging at Annotated Everything September 2006, which feels like a lifetime ago. 8 years later.

I was blogging heavily during my first year of PhD work because my life was so weird at the time, and I felt the need to catalog the changes. I am embarrassed of everything I’ve ever written, so I’ll leave the archives for the lonely dirt-diggers. I already lived it once. I’m fully searchable.

I was sick yesterday, so I rode it out (like I always have) on the couch. Alone and feverish, I caught myself trying to decide if I’ve changed at all, or if I’ve always been this way. I saw some embarrassing photos of myself in a tribute/memory video of my Papa (miss you). I must have thought I looked ok back then, but I looked like shit. Maybe I still do. But when I look at those images, and even think about this blog, I go “what the hell was I thinking.” Holding my own. Barely.

I remember, in that first year of PhD life where I went to the mall with Annette and Mark and we made a pact not to sell out and to become something bigger, when the truth was that I couldn’t wait to sell out. I wonder if they remember that day and if they ever think of me like I do them. I actually wonder that about most people I knew in other lives, and assume (probably correctly 9/10 times) that if they do think of me it comes pre-loaded with a “fuck that guy.” A deserved “fuck that guy” probably.

Oh well. Miss you anyway.

Public Service Announcement: Down in the Ground

Don’t order records from Down in the Ground Records. This label “released” 4 records in late 2k8 – an Alters 7″, a 3-way split with COLD CAVE / BLESSURE GRAVE (the dude from which apparently runs Down in the Ground) / CROCODILES, a Blank Dogs 7″ and a Wounded Lion 7″.

I ordered the split, the BD and the Wounded Lion, but have only received the 3-way split. Mind you, these records were ordered in DECEMBER. Fuck that.

Part of this was my fault – one should never pre-order 3 different records in a row from an unknown label, just a scam waiting to happen. I get how life can catch up on a person, I get that sometimes things take time, but this is just stupid.

Don’t throw your money down the toilet.

The Flips

a: That Girl Stacey
b1: I Still Wanna Be His Girl
b2: Baby (It’s Gonna Be Alright)

Label/Buy: Bancroft Records
Listen: Myspace

The Flips are a Milwakee girl-band super-group, with former members of Tuff Bananas, Plexi 3, Sugar Stems and many other awesome bands coming together for a rousing collection of pop confections on their debut 7″. I’ve had this record for around a week now, and it has received more than its fair share on the turntable. Borrowing heavily from 60’s girl groups (gang vox, wall of sound production, general awesomeness) with the flair of a modern revivalist (look at that sleeve!).

This record is my new girlfriend.

Captured Tracks – 7 new releases!


On top of the new Blank Dogs and new Dum Dum Girls 12″s that just came out (Captured Tracks 01 and 02), you can now order Captured Tracks 03 to 09. This label, curated by Mr. Bank Dogs himself, is coming out of the gate with SEVEN new releases. If you go to this Terminal Boredom thread,
you can order 03 to 09 all at once, which is nice because it saves you shipping and time. Plus, when that package comes, your mind will be completely blown.

Check out this list (commentary from the label): 2 cassettes, 2 7″, 2 12″!

Debut release. Four tracks of ’74 Germany+’79 Sheffield+’09 Australia.
Ltd. to 250.

CT-004 WOODS 7″ Single.
WOODS are a real band. These are two of their best songs. Listen to the B-Side “The Dark” on their site.

CT-005 Brilliant Colors 7″ Single.
Their 2nd 7″. You have the first on Make a Mess, right? The best.

CT-006 The Mayfair Set 7″ Single.
Dum Dum Girls and Blank Dogs co-op band. More, more sad hits. (Reference intentional.) Slightly oversized envelope sleeve. Half w/ silver print, half w/ gold.

CT-007 Gary War “Opens” CS EP.
The Gary War live group is alive. Recorded on WFMU’s great “Choking on Cufflinks” show. Conveniently made available on the supposedly inconvenient cassette format. Ltd. to 300 copies.

CT-008 The Bitters “Wooden Glove” 12″ EP.
The Bitters are the Cave Pop stars of the future.

CT-009 Blessure Grave “Learn to Love the Rope” 12″ EP.
Doomsday duo make it to the large format.

Sweet Sixteens 7″

a1: Sixteens Theme
a2: She Said Alright
b: When the Sun Comes Up
Label: Spin The Bottle Records (purchase here)
Listen: Myspace

Lafayette’s Sweet Sixteens have just released their debut 7″ on Toronto’s Spin the Bottle Records. Nobunny-esq ragers on the a-side (you know – Ramones riffs + drum machines + trashcan production) and a slow jam on the b-side. The party songs are awesome – “Sixteens Theme” featuring party-blowers, “She Said Alright” works on getting the blood going, though it is the lament – “When the Sun Comes Up” – which features the prominent use of the “March” rhythm on a Casio-SK1, is the highlight here. If you love Nobunny, Romanc Novels, Eric and the Happy Thoughts and Hunx, there is no reason why you wouldn’t love this too.

Sacred Bones New Release Fest

My favourite record label Sacred Bones has FIVE new releases that you can order from their site right now, which is pretty damn exciting. What a treat! All of these still have the “Special Editions” available still.


Zola Jesus New Amsterdam CDR

It has taken me a while to get into Zola Jesus – basically because I haven’t really given it a lot of time. I got that Die Stasi XXperiments compilation which features a bunch of “Crimson Wave” artists like US Girls, Cro Magnon and the Zola Jesus song on that blows everything else out of the water.


Gary War – Zontag 7″

This might be too easy, but Gary War totally reminds me of Blank Dogs, but sounds like he exists in his own world at the same time.


Spirit Photography – Time is Wasting 7″

Featuring members of Christmas Island (whom I like a great deal), this one is the one I might be most looking forward to out of this whole batch – broody, kind of reminds me of early Bauhaus with drum machines. Stoked for their upcoming 4-way split with Sharp Ends and The O’Voids!!


Max Elliott: The Nature O’ Nature 7″

For my $$$, the Jerkwave cassette from Max Elliott was my favourite (aka: most listened to) cassette release from 2k8, so of course I am excited to hear more! Had no idea that he was a member of the UBER (too?) prolific Absinthe Minds, but I guess that makes sense.


Pink Noise – Gold Light 7″

More Pink Noise is always a good thing. If you missed out on the Sacred Bones LP from last year, you need to get on that asap – Ebay Save Search that shit!


I’ve been “composing” this post for like an hour now, and I’ve had CNN on in the background. Top news story : a fireball of some sort over Texas! They are saying “space junk”, but I think we all know that is an obvious cover-up. When is the American government going to come clean about UFOs?