The Futurians – Play the Breathtaking Sounds of Tivol 7″

a: Vihaan Vitusti Kaikkea Mita Kulutusyhteiskunnan Aikaansaama Pinnallinen Alkoholiin Perustuva Sosiaalinen Kayttaytymiskulttuuri Edustaa (.mp3 clip)
b: Jawol, Tivol!

I have no idea what any of this means. See if you can make heads or tales of this description:

The gap between Finland and New Zealand narrows thanks to this new lathe cut single from The Futurians. Therein, Dunedin’s greatest primitive futurist sci-fi punk band tackles two songs from the mighty Tivol. The originals come from Tivol’s debut, The Breathtaking Sounds of Tivol, released by 267 Lattajjaa as a 3″ CDR in 2003 and subsequently reissued by Holy Mountain as a 12″/CD, Early Teeth, in 2005. These two songs are completely blasted in every sense of the word. Lathe released in an edition of 50 copies, with spray painted & stickered sleeves that slightly reference the original Tivol release. Manufactured by Peter King in New Zealand.

After I did some investigation, it sort of makes sense. I see the word “Holy Mountain” now, a record label that usually releases good stuff. And this “lathe cut single” that only exists in an edition of 50 (!) is a New Zealand band that I had never heard of covering a Finnish band I have never heard of (playing a type of music described as “Spacekraut”) and it is going to cost me $15?

Is this some kind of dare?
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