Upcomming: Jay Reatard 7″ Series on Matador?

According to the Matador Blog:

we’re pleased to announce Matador will be releasing six limited edition singles in 2008 by the wildly prolific Jay Reatard.

Manufactured quantities of each single will diminish with each successive release. We’ve not figured out the exact scheme yet, but given our commitment to the customer-always-being-angry, rest assured the numbers will be lower than you’d like.

For those not nearly hung up on the collector skum scenery, all 6 7″’s will be compiled for a subsequent CD and LP release.

Jay is another guy who I’ve totally slept on. Is it just me, or does this “plan” of Matador’s seems pretty hairbrained (dimishing returns? Why?); at the same time, it kind of sounds like fun. Sure to lead to some A++ eBay sellers in the near future writing: “JAY REATARD!!! ALL 6 in the SERIES!!! NEVER BEEN PLAYED!!!!”