Endangered Ape – Slaying le Monstre Sacre demo

Endangered Ape - Slaying le Monstre Sacre
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This is totally unrelated to records (for now), but my band, Endangered Ape, recently finished our first demo “Slaying le Monstre Sacre,” and I thought I would just upload it here. From reading this blog, you probably have a good sense of what I like, and these recordings aren’t too far off – short songs, maxed out reverb, plenty of noise, with enough hooks to keep things listenable (sometimes).  Looking to put out a 7″ of some of these songs, and if you have a label or other means to help out with that, please get in touch.

Endangered Ape is also looking to do some touring this summer as well (possibly with some other outsider bands from Alberta). Should be fun.


In other SevenTenTwelve matters, I now have a related Myspace page, so friend me or something.

Further, I have put together a grant application to the Alberta government in order to start a Seven Ten Twelve vinyl only label. If things go to plan, I will be putting out my first release in the second half of 2008, the first of a series of outsider Canadian bands that have fallen through the cracks. Really excited about this.