Dead Luke – Box Set Preview

a: I Want You
b: Waste of Spaces
Available Mid-March from Sacred Bones
Sacred Bones LOGO

Coming in Mid-March is the first of two Dead Luke singles that Sacred Bones is releasing (the second single is due in April). When the first 7″ is released, Sacred Bones will also be taking reservations for a box set which will pset you back around $15; included will be both singles, a four song CDR from the single, buttons, stickers, inserts, etc. Both singles will be pressed in an edition of 500, but there will only be 100 box sets available, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

I have only discovered Dead Luke recently, but I am coming back to his MySpace page and listening on a regular basis – I really like it a great deal (you can actually hear both songs from this single right now – “I Want You” is streaming at Sacred Bones and Waste of Spaces is on Dead Luke‘s Myspace). There is definitely a dark edge to these songs – almost goth in tone (though think old skool goth and not the crap they call goth rock today) – especially listening to “I Want You” and it’s refrain, repeated in this low voice and with its blown out electronics, the whole affair is fairly sinister. Nice. Really looking forward to this one.

While we are at it, Sacred Bones is also releasing a single in March from Nice Face (Thing In My Head b/w Hidden Automatic) who totally kick ass – more blown out goodness that will appeal to fans of weirdo garage rock. Looks good to me. The first 100 Nice Face singles will be on white vinyl, and will likely have unique covers.

Blank Dogs – Diana (The Herald) Repress

Blank Dogs Diana The Herald

I just saw that there is a second (or third? not sure…) pressing of SevenTenTwelve favourite Blank Dogs available from Sacred Bones. I am listening to Blank Dogs practically every day – everything just feels so original and effortless.

Also available for what (I assume) is a very short time today was the Mirrored Cassette, released by this guy. The Blank Dogs site has it listed as “Sold Out” – so I think that is that. I got lucky and managed to secure one for myself, which is pretty sweet, though he was pretty adamant that he “only had a few” (the majority being promised as part of the”Blank Box”).

I also understand that we are two weeks away from the release of the Troubleman Unlimited LP “On Both Sides” – from what I have heard of this LP (which is the stuff playing on his MySpace page) is the best Blank Dogs musics yet.

Also: this video for the song “Poison Ivy” (off the 7″ on Florida’s Dying)