Shearing Pinx – Haruspex 7″ Pre-order

Shearing Pinx

You can still pre-order the Shearing Pinx – Haruspex 7″.  The first 50 of these are a special hand-screened design, and there are still a few these left (what is wrong with you people – Get on this!). Pre-order the 7″ on the Divorce site now (they are shipping in a couple of weeks). I am super excited for this release and I would be surprised if it doesn’t end up in my top singles of the year (given how much I like the other Shearing Pinx recordings).

Times New Viking – 7″ Pre-Order

This is just an excuse to give you this Mp3 containing two songs from TNV’s upcoming 7″ for Matador. I’ve listened to this a dozen times or so this fine morning, and it just presses all of the right buttons for me; lo-fi, short, noisy, messy – check, check, double check.

“I need more money / ’cause I need more drugs”

These Ohio kids recently signed to Matador records, and of course all of the indie-rock reference points are covered here – early Pavement, Vampire on Titus era GBV, Sebadoh – but if Times New Viking sound like anything, it is the SoCal crap-core act FYP. This is a good thing.

Don’t hesitate to pre-order this shit.

Frog Eyes / Hello Blue Roses Split 7″ Preorder

I went ahead and pre-ordered this 7″ a few weeks ago, not knowing anything about it other than:

1. Dan Bejar is involved


That’s about it.

Hello Blue Roses is Bejar and his significant other Sydney Vermont, and it sounds like Destroyer with female vocals, filtered through a smoky opium den. The Hello Blue Roses side will feature the brilliantfantastic song Foam Hands (which will also appear on the next Destroyer album, coming March 2008). The other song is a cover of Richard and Linda Thompson’s “Wall of Death.”

Frog Eyes‘s side features re-workings of two songs from this years “fucking rad” album “Tears of the Valedictorian.”

This 7″ will be limited to 500, and can be purchased from Absolutely Kosher here!

Don’t blow this one.