Radio Rudio – False Rosetta 2×7″

Radio Rudio False Rosetta

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So this is one of those things that I will just order on spec – I read about it on Dusted, about which Doug wrote:

Four sides of radio static with Conet-style vocal recitations peppering the mix. The real TV ghosts; captured sounds of electromagnetic haunt from out of nowhere. One Tom Mulligan is responsible for this offering. It’s something you either know you must own, or will never need to hear. Locked grooves on some, maybe all of the sides. Good right before bed, when you’re so tired you don’t know what’s up. Classy silkscreened sleeve.

I saw “conet-style” and that was it for me. I used to be absolutely obsessed with that Conet box-set, which for the uninitiated is a four cd set of recordings of numbers stations, which are short-wave radio stations that openly broadcast impenetrable codes to secret agents. Most of these were active during the cold war, but to my knowledge some of them are still operating today.

The Conet recordings have a really haunting quality to them, and I can clearly remember the first time I listened five years ago or so and being absolutely terrified. Seriously – nothing is more haunting than a German woman reading in monotone a sequence of numbers in German. If you have heard the weird “YANKE… HOTEL… FOXTROT” at the end of the Wilco album, you will have some idea (Wilco actually sampled from the Conet box without permission and were sued). Looking forward to this one (even if I am not clear on what this even entails).