LCD SOUNDSYSTEM-Confuse The Marketplace 12”

a: Freak Out / Starry Eyes
b1: North American Scum (Onanistic Dub)
b2: Hippie Priest Bum-Out
Available at Scratch.

You know, sometimes being a completist can be really annoying, especially when the bands you love and actively “complete” are such dicks about doing over-seas only versions and then randomly repackaging them and re-marketing them. This is like a dare from the band – “we dare you to buy these same songs again.” I hate that shit.

James, let me get this straight: you are telling me that I can now purchase these tracks, which were previously available in the UK only (“Freak-Out” being the “All My Friends” 12″ b-side, and “Hippie Priest Burn-Out” was the b-side to the UK version of the “North American Scum” 7″) have been repackaged again (all three being available as well on the US version of the 45:33 CD that came out last month)? Especially since “Freak Out / Starry Eyes” is the only thing worth listening to on this, with “Hippie Priest Burn-Out” being such a snore-fest.

James Murphy I love you, but you’re bringing me down.

Fucked Up – David Christmas 7″ (December 15)

a: David Christmas
b: Stars on 45

I ran across this on Pitchfork this morning, and it is still blowing my mind. Toronto band Fucked Up is releasing a charity single to benefit the Toronto Food Bank and George Herman House, a transitional housing program for women living with mental health issues.

The A-Side is from their upcoming album The Chemistry of Common Life. The b-side (and this is the mind blowing part) is a “Do They Know It’s Christmas” type deal that features:

  • Nelly Furtado
  • LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy
  • Black Lips’ Cole Alexander
  • Matt Sweeney
  • The Faint’s Jacob Thiele
  • Jay Reatard
  • the Horrors’ Faris Rotter
  • Rites of Spring’s Mike Fellows (!!)
  • Chromeo’s Dave One
  • Shenae Grimes of “Degrassi: The Next Generation”
  • AFI’s Davey Havok
  • What’s Your Rupture? label guy Kevin Peterson
  • Panthers’/Orchid’s Jayson Green
  • Poison Idea’s Jerry A.
  • Terror’s Scott Vogel
  • Attack in Black’s Dan Romano
  • Face to Face’s Trever Keith

According to Fucked Up’s blog, this is limited to 1000 copies, and while it is initially available only at the benefit show, it will be available online after the show. As they put it:

So don’t worry if you are some asshole from Omaha that needs a copy of the 7″ so you can sell it on eBay (“this record has never been played”), you will be able to obtain one.


LCD Soundsystem – Someone Great 2×12″

a1: Someone Great (Album version)
a2: Time to Get Away (Gucci Soundsystem Remix)
b: Get Innocuous (Soulwax Remix)
c: Sound of Silver (Carl Craig Remix)
d: Us V. Them (Any Colour You Like Remix by Windsurf)

Its telling that every time anyone talks about Sound of Silver, it is prefaced with “album of the year.” I like that. LCD Soundsystem, bringing the people together! Even the people who hate a thing because everyone else likes that thing give terribly weak reasons why LCD aren’t among the most entertaining, most interesting “working” band.

Yet. if I am being honest, it took me a couple of months to actually fully embrace the album as a whole. I just couldn’t, for whatever reason, get into it. It wasn’t until I got Sound of Silver on vinyl that I fully understood what I was missing.

Here we have the third single from the album (the first being “North American Scum” which is available in 12″ and 7″ versions; the second being “All My Friends”, which is available as one 12″ and two separate 7″ that had Franz Ferdinand and John Cale covering the songs). James Murphy is continuing his trend of “dance songs go on the 12 inch/rock songs go on the 7 inch”, and that is exactly what we have here – remixes oriented towards the “dance” side of the equation.

The key selling point of this is the Carl Craig remix of the song “Sound of Silver,” and you have to give it up to the man – he does the most interesting remix on this single. Everything else does a serviceable job, but present the problem I generally have with remixes – growing up as part of the punk scene, I never really got the need for the dance remix if you weren’t using them to dance to. Give me the original any day. I suppose this is how I feel about this single; I like most of the tracks here, but, given the choice of listening to this or the LP, I am going to chose the LP every time.

LCD Soundsystem / Arcade Fire Split 7″

a. Poupee de Cire, Poupee de Son (Serge Gainsbourg cover) – Arcade Fire
b. No Love Lost (Joy Division Cover) – LCD Soundsystem

Arcade Fire Side LCD Side

This is how NOT to do it.

Back in August, it was announced that a split 7″ would be available at the shows that The Arcade Fire and LCD Soundsystem were be playing together in September and October. Of course, fans of both bands (and I imagine that these bands have a great deal of fan-overlap) were eager to get their hands on this.

Trouble started when people reported that availability at the shows was sporadic, and many fans left empty handed. Coupled with the fact that there was no word on exactly how limited the single was, or whether there would be any left for sale in the bands web stores (as promised in the press release), panic ensued.

As a result, when a few singles ended up on eBay, they were being sold for over $60 (on average), and a few sold for over $100. Right now, because of the lack of communication from the bands involved, the single is being sold on eBay for between $20-30. Fans eager to get a copy caught a break when it finally ended up on the Arcade Fire webstore for $5. This was exciting, until you went to the check-out, and the cheapest they would ship it to you was with a $20 courier service….

The DFA store started selling it yesterday, for $7, and with shipping coming in at a couple of dollars. What an ordeal.

All of this is exactly how not to release a single for bands of this popularity, as it plays right into the hands of scalpers looking to make a quick buck. While I think that fans who paid $100+ for this single are foolish for doing so (especially when it wasn’t clear yet that the singles wouldn’t be available in the web stores), most hard core vinyl collectors understand the drive to maintain the “complete” collection, and so should the bands. This is especially true when a single being marketed as a “limited edition” – and this can mean anything from 100 copies to 10 000 copies. Bands of this size need to let their fans know exactly how “limited” their releases are so that they can help their fans maintain some kind of perspective.


The Music:
On LCD’s side is a Joy Division cover, “No Love Lost.” Fairly straightforward cover, not unlike their cover of Harry Nillson’s “Jump Into the Fire” (the “Daft Punk is Playing at my House” B-Side), in that it faithfully covers the song while giving it the LCD twist to it. Highly recommended for this song alone (listen to the Mp3 on this blog).

The Arcade Fire cover the Serge Gainsbourg-written, France Gall-sung “Poupee De Cire, Poupee De Son (listen to the Mp3 here). This sounds like this was written in Paris in the 1960’s, and still maintains the Arcade Fire’s own trademarked “swell” near the end. This might be my favourite vocal performance from Regine, who sounds so different from her other songs.


Again, buy it at the DFA store. Don’t waste your money on the Arcade Fire’s webstore or eBay.