The Takeovers (Robert Pollard) – Little Green Onion Man 7″ (preorder)

a1: Little Green Onion Man
a2: Rich Man’s Girl
b1: Wigstomper 07
b2: Instigator

Pre-Order directly from Off Records

Another day, another Robert Pollard 7″ (my collection houses so much Pollard, they almost needs their own room). This one is another offering from The Takeovers features Chris Slusarenko, Decemberists drummer John Moen, Quasi’s Sam Coomes, and Brian Berg of 44 Long. “Little Green Onion” was originally on this year’s Takeover’s album “Bad Football” (which also had Steven Malkmus on it, and was easily in the top five things Pollard released this year).

The 7″ is coming out February 12 on Off Records, (950 CDs and 950 7″s. 500 of the 7″s are hand-numbered).

Also, first quarter 2008 will bring you the following Pollard releases (consider that Coast to Coast Tunnel of Love and Standard Gargoyle decisions was released only a few weeks ago) :

Robert Pollard – Superman Was A Rocker mini-cd/lp (Happy Jack Rock Records) late January

Psycho and the Birds – We’ve Moved full lgnth cd/lp (Happy Jack Rock Records) late February

Yet, of all the Pollard releases coming out in 2008, I am most excited about is “ Town of Mirrors : The Reassembled Imagery of Robert Pollard,” Pollards art book coming out June 2008 on Fantagraphics Books.