Magic Arm – Outdoor Games 10″

a1. Outdoor Games
a2. People Need Order
a3. I Want You You Want Me
b1. D.A.Q
b2. You Should Know
b3. Move Out

Out of all of the formats that I am covering here, it is the 10″ that captures my heart like none other. There is something so clever looking about them… Yet it is so hard to find 10″ records, let alone any that are worth purchasing. Here is one worth your time and money.

I picked up this EP after hearing the band Grizzly Bear rave about it a few months ago, and I flipped out after hearing the first song “Outdoor Games.” In fact, I am going to do the same for you before we go any further – go to their Myspace page – listen to the first song that is going to load, then come back.


You can see why Grizzly Bear is all about this guy, one Marc Rigelsford out of Manchester. Some of these songs have that same lush, organic feel to it that Grizzly Bear dish out, complete with that same sense of longing and heartsick dread. In other parts of this EP, the sound is somewhat akin to something you might hear on a Chad VanGaalen record – playful, yet simple electronic beats, the use of toy keys (I definitely hear a Casio SK-1 in the song D.A.Q. (Don’t Ask Questions).

You can get this right from the Switchflicker’s ordering page (it will be coming from the UK, so be prepared).