Mutators – Paper Words 7″

a1: Paper Words
a2: Little Liar
b: Glass
Available directly from Broadway to Boundary

Broadway to Boundary are going to be a label to watch. This Mutators 7″ kind of comes out of nowhere, and the upcoming lineup features a Shearing Pinx 7″ in January and a Sex Negatives 7″ in December. It is nice to see Vancouver producing a scene like this, and it doesn’t hurt to have a local label to distribute it beyond the rockies.

I am going to agree with Jason’s assessment here; this is pretty damn good, but I can see some people absolutely hating the music. Too abrasive, too challenging, too fucking harsh. You have this band completely thrashing out, but with that element of drone that a lot of these West Coasters are going for.

On top of that, you have this woman absolutely screeching into the mic, getting that “screeching into the mic” distortion that we all know and love. Remember when the screamo sound went somewhat mainstream a couple of years ago? Especially in Canada, when Alexisonfire and Billy Talent blew up? That was nice screaming; this, on the other hand, will hurt your feelings.

The Mutators 7″ comes in blue vinyl and is limited to 300 copies.