Pre-Order City!

Some info that just came down the pipe:

1. A Place To Bury Strangers 3×7″ box set that will be coming out on Vacancy Records in a couple of months. Limited to 500 copies, available until they sold out.

The box set contains three separate 7″ vinyl singles, including three new previously unreleased tracks. Each record jacket and the box containing the three records will be hand screen painted by the band and myself. This is a very special release.

2. David Horvitz Picture Disc 7″ series coming out on Agoo Records. Limited to 200 subscriptions (!!): Starting off from a Casiotone For The Painfully Alone, The series of 6 singles also includes upcoming singles from Parenthetical Girls, No Age, Mika Miko, Sunset Rubdown, Abe Vigoda.

HoZac Records Pre-Order


Bold Ones – Open Your Mouth 7″ EP (listen)

Plexi 3 – Know Better 7″ EP (listen)

Headache City – Teenage Grease 7″ EP (listen)

This triad of awesomeness is now available for pre-order from HoZac records. You might even get in on the “Gold” versions of these records if you act now. Cryptically, this means a “limited magnetic sheet” Bold Ones 7″, a “hand screened sleeve” for the Headache City 7″ and “I don’t know” for the Plexi 3 7″. I’ll cover each of these when they come in, I just figured there were a few of you not on the HoZac mailing list who might be into this.

Also: why aren’t you on the HoZac mailing list?


PAYPAL account is : todd (at) (indicate which records you want)
one 7″ – $6.00 ppd (*NOTE : just 1 copy of Bold Ones record = $6.50)
two 7″ – $10.75 ppd
three 7″ – $14.00 ppd
four 7″ – $17.50 ppd
five 7″ – $21.00 ppd
six 7″ – $23.99 ppd

CANADA/MEX/South America
one 7″ – $6.95 ppd (*NOTE : just 1 copy of Bold Ones record = $7.50)
two 7″ – $12.75 ppd
three 7″ – $16.75 ppd
four 7″ – $20.25 ppd
five 7″ – $23.25 ppd
six 7″ – $26.25 ppd

one 7″ – $9.95 ppd (*NOTE : just 1 copy of Bold Ones record = $10.75)
two 7″ – $15.50 ppd
three 7″ – $20.95 ppd
four 7″ – $25.50 ppd
five 7″ – $29.25 ppd
six 7″ – $33.50 ppd

No Age – Eraser 7″ Preorder

No Age - Nouns

Top of my 2007 year end list was the amazing No Age series, whereby when you collected all 5, the covers spell “NO Age,” and so it is no surprise that one of my most anticipated releases of 2008 is the new No Age LP “Nouns,” which Sub Pop is releasing in May. I just caught wind of this pre-order for the album track “Eraser,” alongside three b-sides covers of Nerves (“Hangin’ On The Telephone”), Nate Denver, and Urinals songs. This 7″ isn’t going to be ready until April, but I can see this one selling quickly.

Also, the initial lineup for this year’s Sled Island Festival in Calgary was released… and No Age are on the bill. I’ve been wanting to check them out live for a while now, and here is my chance. Awesome.

Of Montreal
Jonathan Richman
The Gutter Twins (Greg Dulli and Mark Lanegan)
Jose Gonzales, RZA (Bobby Digital)
Scott Kannberg aka Spiral Stairs
No Age
Drive By Truckers
Extra Golden
Miss Murgatroid and Petra Hayden
Hot Little Rocket
The Broken West
Cave Singers
Wet Secrets
Pride Tiger
Ramblin’ Ambassadors
Mother Mother
Modern Man
Luther Wright
Elliot Brood
Carolyn Mark and many more.

Full line up to be announced MAY 1st.

Meth Teeth – Sweet Rot 7″ Preview

Bus Rides (?)
Unemployment Forever (?)
Listen at Myspace
Purchase (soon) from Sweet Rot Records
Meth Teeth Sweet Rot Single

One of the singles I am most looking forward to. I found out about Meth Teeth when I went on my Blank Dogs trip a month ago, namely that Sweet Rot records, who put out the Blank Dogs Doorbell Fire single is also putting out a 7″ any day now from Meth Teeth. In fact, I keep going back every other day to check if it is available or not. It isn’t… yet.

Which doesn’t stop me from listening to the songs they have up on their Myspace, two of which are going to be on the upcoming single. Trading on the same oddities and obscurro production that I have been really keen on lately (see: Blank Dogs obsession), Meth Teeth add just the right amount of melody to keep shit interesting – there are songs here, but not the kind of songs you want to listen to alone in your apartment in the middle of the night after watching that movie “Fire in the Sky.” Something completely unnerving about these tunes.

Bored Fortress 7″ Singles Club

I just saw over at Seven Inches (Everyday) that the Bored Fortress 7″ club is now available from Not Not Fun. If you are a Yank, it is gonna set you back $38 bones, or $50 if you are unfortunate enough to live elsewhere. Limited number of spots in the club, so don’t sleep on this. You get two split 7″ records every other month, starting in Feb, and ending in July. 

This year’s lineup looks pretty amazicon:


Slumberland Records – In Search of the New 7″ Series

Available from Midheaven  and Slumberland on January 21.

This looks promising – yet another seven inch series to spend your money on. This one isn’t exactly a club, but the label is planning is to release two limited-edition split 7″ singles every ten weeks or so, then compile every eight singles onto CDs to keep them available.   All singles will be pressed on color vinyl and packaged in special sleeves — full-color, letterpress, silkscreen or something else cool.

The first split single will be from  Roy Moller & The Company, (the Company being Gary Thom and Stevie Jackson from Belle and Sebastian) and the Hermit Crabs  (a folk-pop band from Glasgow), and the second one will be “Spectorian pop of Bye! (featuring Archie Moore from Velocity Girl/Black Tambourine) with the suave pop stylings of The Happy Couple”

This actually sounds pretty great!

Upcomming: Jay Reatard 7″ Series on Matador?

According to the Matador Blog:

we’re pleased to announce Matador will be releasing six limited edition singles in 2008 by the wildly prolific Jay Reatard.

Manufactured quantities of each single will diminish with each successive release. We’ve not figured out the exact scheme yet, but given our commitment to the customer-always-being-angry, rest assured the numbers will be lower than you’d like.

For those not nearly hung up on the collector skum scenery, all 6 7″’s will be compiled for a subsequent CD and LP release.

Jay is another guy who I’ve totally slept on. Is it just me, or does this “plan” of Matador’s seems pretty hairbrained (dimishing returns? Why?); at the same time, it kind of sounds like fun. Sure to lead to some A++ eBay sellers in the near future writing: “JAY REATARD!!! ALL 6 in the SERIES!!! NEVER BEEN PLAYED!!!!”