The Master and other movies

For whatever reason (boredom actually), I saw two movies this week: The Master and Perks of Being a Wallflower.

Once, when I was really depressed, I watched Paul Thomas Anderson’s film “Magnolia” 17 times in a month. One day I watched it and started it over. And yet, I’ve never successfully sat through “Boogie Nights” a movie that I admire and yet find extremely dull in its presentation.

I have this thing when I go to movies where I laugh at innapropriate times, especially when I find things dumb. At the (sold out!) screening of The Master, you would have thought I was watching a comedy. It’s not that I thought it was dumb necessarily. I just found it extremely funny. Was I supposed to find Freddie Quell anything but comedic? I liked the parts when Freddie just raged out of nowhere and acted innapropriately. There were also some increadibly dumb lines of dialogue that cracked me up.

There was a couple sitting next to me, and every time I laughed, they laughed. Soon, our whole section of the theatre was cracking up. At The Master.

This excillerating public connectivity made this movie a lot more fun than I think it was meant to be, but I left the theatre feeling really good, and thus I liked the movie.

If I were to watch this movie at home alone, I would have been asleep in ten minutes.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower on the otherhand was funny because of how bad it was. My pal Sheena gave me a copy of this book once (2007), and I read it and remember thinking it was just okay. The movie adaptation is straight up terrible and I laughed and laughed at every dumb moment of this braindead movie.

Keep fit and have fun.



Its watching you and me…

I was pointed to THIS today. Full length movies, with no download, no fuss. They have a pretty good television selection as well. New stuff… I am watching the classic Seinfeld episode “The Wink” right here in my shitty office. “PULP CAN MOVE BABY!”


I saw Zodiac tonight. It was the kind of movie we just don’t get enough of; namely, it kept me in its world for the entire running time, and I was sad to have it end.

“All good things must come to an end / the bad ones just go on forever”

One scene in particular was of note: the Zodiac killer is tying up a young couple lying on a beach. The woman tries to negotiate with this man, dressed in black, with a bag over his head (see picture below: the scene was very creepy). She says, of her male companion:

“He can help you…. He’s a sociology major!”

I can say that this line proviked rawkus laughter from myself and my two collegues (who are both sociologists). After the man and woman were tied up, they were both repeatedly stabbed. Can I have on record that I don’t want to die from being stabbed to death? It seems like a terrible way to go.

For whatever reason, the sociology line stuck with me through the remainder of the film. I started to see it as a metaphor for what I do: chasing something that I can never get my hands on, to the point that I start driving everyone in my life away (in a variety of ways) as part of an obsessive quest for… well, I am not sure of what. At a certain point, it becomes something bigger than a carreer.
This provoked the following questions: What drives me to push myself? What do I get out of it? Where is this going to take me, and how far will I get with it? What am I even chasing? If I find “it” – what then? Do I get to go home?

I am sure that these questions will haunt me until I die. I hope I remember to keep asking them.

Hannibal: Rising

Hannibal: Rising might be the worst movie I have ever seen. I don’t feel the need to qualify that in any way.

Yes I have seen plenty of bad movies. For me, right now, this is the top of the heap. Hopefully I forget about it in time for the next worst movie that I have ever seen (which, interestingly I have yet to see…)

What sets a movie likeHannibal: Rising apart is that it was trying (so hard) to be a “good” movie. Too bad that no one bothered to read the script. The movie was laugh out loud funny whenever anyone spoke. My favourite line (by far): “There are just no words to describe him… he’s a monster!” Many others. . . (while carving a giant M on a guys chest with a samurai sword): “M is for Mischa!!”Also, every time someone said his name “His name…. is…. HANNIBAL LECTOR!!!!”


Air hockey afterwards was fun. I am terrible at Air Hockey / life.