Batman by Dostoyevsky starts the second cold war.

So this blog dedicated to scanning weird comic books puts up a scan of a Batman comic as done by Dostoyevsky (linky). I found it pretty amusing; Russian commenters to the blog do not. A few highlights.

Oh Gods, yankees, what have you done with one of the best books ever?!
Burn that comics!


This is “Crime and Punishment – Edition for morons”. Just a stupid, straight-as-a-stick retelling of just character’s actions. No sense, no philosophy, no beauty of the original.
PS And by the way, he was RASKOLNIKOV


Pizdec… I can not say other word.

and my favourite:

you americans are so stupid. 85% of your nation are retards and that is your own statistic. you think all of you are so dump because of the major evil?
no. you are so dump because you have no culture, only comics.

who is smart in your country?
scientists, medics, lawyers – people who reads a lot of books.
and the world is controled by smart people, not people like your pres. who don’t know diference between opec and apec.

no offense.

None taken.

Commodity Fetishism: Banksy’s “Wall and Peace”

One of the best gifts that I got this year was Banksy’s “Wall and Piece,” a book with a large sampling of UK graffiti artist (sorry: “art terrorist”) Banksy’s best work. I had no idea how much of this stuff would already be familiar, specifically the extent of his contributions to Adbusters.

Actually, I didn’t even know this book existed until I got it, the perfect example of something that I didn’t know was essential until I had it in my hands. The beauty here is in the small details – from the section in the beginning where he renounces his copyright rights, to the pieces that don’t instantly make sense, but when they do, hit you in the gut.

and the full image…

How about this work done on the the wall Isreal put up to seperate itself from Palestine?


His website

His Wiki

For future reference:

My favourite thing is when people take big books and type long passages out of them for me to sprinkle in my papers…

Such as this guy did with the best book I read this year, John Law’s After Method: Mess in Social Science Research.

When I am researching a paper, I do this as well, and I am going to start posting them online.

For example:

Realities are not explained by the practices and beliefs but are instead produced in them. They are produced, and have a life, in relations. (p. 59)



Actor Network Theory summed up in one line!


Also, here are some pictures of people dressed in bannana costumes.


I love bananas!


I can’t leave them alone!

I’m crazy,


about bananas!


because banana’s ain’t got no bones!






R Kelly – Trapped in the Closet, Chapters 1 through 12

 Watch, and then discuss: is this the BEST thing you have ever seen, or the WORST thing you have ever seen? I know that I go on and on about this all the time, because I think it is the BEST thing I have ever seen, but I would like to hear why I am wrong. R. Kelly, the sicko that he is, is a fucking genius.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9 (*my favourite part!)

Chapter 10

Chapter 11

Chapter 12

*Bonus – Live at the 2005 VMA’s (has to be seen to be believed…)

Art by Dan McCarthy

What do you call a man with no arms and no legs that hangs on the wall?

I stumbled upon the art of Dan McCarthy last week when I was trolling through/drooling on – specifically this poster by Dan McCarthy (Boston?), and I now have something new to be infatuated with:

Promise Ring

Dan McCarthy


I was prompted to check out more of his work on his home page where I found all sorts of goodies, including my favourite series – “Ghost Buddies” (including one with a stegasaurus, a t-rex and a triceritops). It reminds me of what I am up against in my profession – ghosts and dinosaurs.

ghost buddies

I also love this one: Biography of a Carbon Atom:

carbon atom

He has some prints for sale on his website for cheap ($30 bucks or so!), so go and buy me some. He also has a cool subscription service where you pay $250 and get a new print every month for a year.


The Internet

This comes via Boing Boing.

This “image” induced laugh(ter). You can find similar images at the author’s homepage* which he calls “Elephantitis of the Mind.” Clever. When I was visiting Dr. Frank‘s office yesterday (see marathon blog below), I noticed that he too uses a typewriter.

*remember when everyone had a homepage? I had one once, and I just linked pictures of robots. Like this one.