The Pink Noise – The Sun King 7″ Pre-Order

a1. Huntsman
a2. Soda Jerk
b1. Thunderbird
b2. Animals remix

Label: Almost Ready Records
Listen: The Pink Noise
Buy: Paypal some money to (US – $7 / Can – $6.66 / World $10)

Almost Ready Records has put out something ridiculous like 5 releases in so many months, with more coming soon. I don’t know he does it – everything he releases has been selling out within a few weeks (for example, the “Worlds Lousy With Ideas” series currently up to volume five, with volume six coming soon with the splooge-worthy lineup of Little Claw, Eat Skull and Psychedelic Horseshit), and for all of their releases they do a shitload of cover variations *, and ON TOP OF THIS, they get their records out (taped with his trademark Burger King packing tape) quicker than any other label or distro I have ever ordered from. Almost Ready is also putting out a single soon from Edmonton’s The Wicked Awesomes, going to be blowing the lid off that band soon enough.

The latest is this new single from Toronto’s The Pink Noise (who also have a full length out on Sacred Bones, which I think is also still in pre-order status). They have “Thunderbird” from this single on their Myspace page, so go decide if this is for you or not. I like it, makes me want to punch-dance. 300 copies.

* which is way interesting.better than colour vinyl variations. I know this seems like a fucking Star Wars nerd arguing with a Star Trek nerd, but the whole releasing a record in fourteen colour variations is a cancer. Have you seen one of these dudes that have have all fourteen versions of the same record “in all the colours”? Why aren’t these people buying fourteen different records with that money? No one ever looks through a “colour collectors” record stash and thinks anything but “this guys a fucking idiot”. From one idiot to another, I know this shit.

Eat Skull – “Dead Families” 7″

a: Dead Families
b1: If I’m Insane (Psycho Sin cover)
b2: No Intelligence

Label: Skulltones
Buy: Out of Print (repress soon)
Listen: Myspace

By now, you likely know the story on this single, so I’ll just sum it up quickly: “Meds” single released last year (300 fucking copies, now selling for around $50-$90 on eBay, which is stupid – repress these mofo’s!), blows minds… yadda yadda yadda, get signed to Siltbreeze, yadda yadda yadda, the “Dead Family” single gets released last month (again, 300 copies, but with repress coming soon!), sells out in one day, largely to people trying to flip their copy for $50-$90 on eBay… Many people convinced that the upcoming full length that Siltbreeze (coming in May??) is putting out this summer is going to blow this band on the stratosphere, possibly a “Best New Music” distinction on Pitchfork. Then the backlash (see: The Black Lips, and people who think that “Good Bad Not Evil” is their “worst” album, which it clearly isn’t); by this time next year it will be “Eat who??”

Perhaps I am getting ahead of myself here (as I am want to do), because with a band with this much hype (or, at the very least, the potential for this much hype; lets not forget that basically 600 copies of this band’s music exist in some objectified state right now, possibly with the overlap of people having both singles – 400 people have heard of this band right now??) For example, LastFM, which tracks people’s listening habit, lists a mere 266 people who have played this band on their computer. Yet, here is where this number gets very interesting – those 266 people have listened to the two singles that are available 1600 times, which means that, on average, people are listening to these singles at least twice over. Which, in today’s game, says something, right? The fact that people are actually willing to listen to your music vs. saying they do is a huge. I would guess that most (2/3) of the singles and LP’s that I have in my own collection have been listened to one time or less (with 1/3 making it into heavy rotation?). The reason is clear: there is just so much music out there, so much that is available to be discovered, and so much that is coming out every week that there just isn’t enough time to listen to all of these great bands, these great singles…

Which brings me full circle here: Eat Skull keep finding its way back onto my turntable. Forget about all of the other bands and singles I have paid lip service to on this blog, most of the ones that I claimed to love (again, with a few notable exceptions) have been ripped to my computer and filed away. This single seems weirdly resistant to that. It is weird, I feel compelled to keep playing it over and over. Sometimes I will do a few runs at the a-side “Dead Families” – which is blown out awesomeness, especially the shift near the middle to a lo-fi Motown-on-crack breakdown; Sometimes I spend some time on the flip side, with me fully admitting to my devotion for “No Intelligence” (which totally reminds me of Propeller-era GBV).

RTFO Bandwagon – “New Jack” 7″ preorder

Dull Knife records has a sweet pre-order that was just put up moments ago.  They are currently taking pre-orders for the first RTFO Bandwagon 7″, with the first 50 orders receiving a “special edition”, and the pressing being very small at 300 copies total, you are going to need to hustle on this one. This band features Rich from Psychedelic Horseshit on drums, and are from the musical powderkeg of Columbus, Ohio.

While you are at it, order the Hearts of Animals 7″ from them too. It is good.

Daily Void – “Man/Machine” 7″

a: Man/Machine
b1: ??? (short instrumental)
b2: (the) Faces

Label: Florida’s Dying
Buy: from the label
Listen: Myspace

I’ve been spending a bit of time with The Daily Void lately, with the full length (so good), and these singles. Forget about the music for a second, because the one thing that these guys will be known for is the art that they use for their records. It is great when bands put as much time into their mystique as they do their songs, and the art on The Daily Void’s releases is a perfect match for the music that you will hear when you put the record on. This goes a lot deeper than those who want to hold this music back to another time – “It’s just punk man” – but I can’t think any punk band who were ever as artistically sophisticated as The Daily Void.

The musics contained are the quality you would expect from The Daily Void, who seem to be thriving on this act of creation, because this music sounds innovative and alive; and while they certainly are rooted in tradition (playing with a traditional bass/drums/guitars setup) bands and scenes that have come before (for example, “Man/Machine” might sound like a Stooges 45 played at the wrong speed), there is a new element that lays within this combination of sounds that have come before. Take a little from this genre, borrow a little from that and voila, you have a record that gets me excited.

Which is nice for a change, because so much of what was once the independent underground has become so stale and safe and boring. You really have to dig through the Indie Rock scene to find anything singular these days (everyone got caught up in trying to recreate that fucking Shins record).With this gradual sea change in music taste, with people having access to everything all at once (and with others seeing this sea change as an encroachment on the territory that they have been living happily in for the last five years without anyone paying any attention, and with them being there first, goddammit), and with the drive to get bands like The Daily Void genrefied (I think the push is on in some circles for “weird punk” – though that kind of label is, and should be, contested). Mainly because of the fact that a band like The Daily Void are resistant to a singular genre, which is exactly what makes them interesting.

New Releases: Pink Reason “Borrowed Time” 7″

Fashionable Idiots has a new Pink Reason 7″ up for sale. I don’t have much more information than that, other than “Borrowed Time” (you can hear an Mp3 of on the Fashionable Idiots page) will melt your brain. Really good song. So, like the other Pink Reason singles (and the full-length on Siltbreeze), this is an essential purchase. This pressing won’t last long, so act now!

The Nymphets – “Feels Like Motherfuckers” 7″

a: Feels Like Motherfuckers
b: Bekki Anne

Label: Psychadelic Handshake
Buy: From the Label
Listen: Myspace

The first release on the Psychadelic Handshake label, and it is the sign of good things to come. The Nymphets come from Montreal, and play super catchy punk in the ’77 style. Two songs, and they both rock equally, though I played the b-side “Bekki Anne” more times than I did the A-Side (there is something about the backing vocals that is very appealing), and this means that I liked it slightly more. Think Buzzcocks, think Television Personalities; think to yourself “I must aquire this single.” Comes with my highest recommendation, and is definitely a band and a label I am going to start paying close attention to.

Cheveu / Crash Normal – Split 7″ Preorder

Cheveu and Crash Normal

Rococo records has this single up for pre-order now! Both of these bands are from France, and both of them are really awesome. First 100 takers get theirs in special blue vinyl, and if you are anything like me, you feel special having one of 100 of something.  Listen to Crash Normal (the song on this split, “Plastic Bar” is rad) and Cheveau if you haven’t already.