Grayson Matthews ft. Andrew Austin

If you’ve been on Youtube in the last week, you’ve seen the Alexander Keith’s commercial featuring “Toast This Life” (say “Toast This Life” out loud and try not to throw up on yourself)

Every time I hear it, I want to punch my own ticket.

Grayson Matthews is not a musician, they are an ad agency based in Toronto, “a collective of artists who create award-winning original music & sound design.” Which means that “Toast This Life”  was engineered to sound like a Mumford & Sons song to be used in a beer commercial. Because it is probably pretty expensive to license a Mumford song right now, and it isn’t as if that band is reinventing the wheel anyway.

“Toast This Life” is kind of above critique. A lot of musicians pretend to tap their souls to make music that just-so-happens to be highly commercial. Grayson Matthews are an AD AGENCY. A good one at that – “Toast This Life” has been charting in the top 10 on iTunes over the last week, which means that people heard this song and were excited that they could buy it and listen to it whenever they wanted to.

Except commercialized sincerity is the worst. There is nothing about this enterprise that doesn’t make me cringe, and you already know how I feel about the “oohhohhoohhh oohhh oooh oh” chorus, a shortcut to commercialized sincerity circa 2004.

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