When I decided to go anonymous, I didn’t expect a witch hunt.

I moved to Toronto and took a job. That job was previously held by the lovely Terri Coles. Terri’s partner Dan books at the Rancho Relaxo in Toronto. Someone sleuthed the old header and discovered it was uploaded by a computer run by Terri Coles, and Dan and Terri were accused (multiple times). 

Except I used that computer – Paul Lawton – made that dumb header. I’m not even trying to “protect them” or whatever – I’ve never had any contact with Dan. I don’t know him personally, but I know that Dan and Terri are amazing people who have a new baby who is super cute and you should know they had nothing do to with this and leave Dan alone about it.

Terri and Dan, I’m sorry you had to put up with this sloppy thing. 

My band Ketamines is playing tonight at… CMW. We didn’t apply, but were asked to play by Music She Blogged. I bet they wish they didn’t now. Sorry Music She Blogged (who also has nothing to do with this). Be at the Velvet Underground at 10. If you are looking to spit in my face, that’s where I’ll be. I made fun of some of the bands we are playing with so it wont be awkward at all.

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