Sensitive Folk Guys in the “D” section of CMW


Dominique Fricot (Vancouver, BC)

Thinks he sounds like: “Coldplay, Counting Crows, Ray Lamontagne, Bon Iver, Jack Johnson”

Mr. Fricot has a weird thing where he can slip seamlessly between Chris Martin and Adam Duritz. Pretty neat trick! I think it’s safe to say that if I liked Coldplay or Counting Crows I would still rather listen to Coldplay or Counting Crows. But neat trick!


Donovan Woods (Toronto, Hell)

Thinks he sounds like: “Hayden, Paul Simon, Damien Rice”

This is the guy responsible for “My Cousin has a Grey Cup Ring” that you would know if you watched the Grey Cup, which you probably didn’t. 


Dustin Bentall (Vancouver, BC) – the first song on the CMW player is “As Bad as They Seem” with an annoying violin.  Sucks.


Dylan Guthro (Halifax, NS)

You’ve heard this guy before. Well, not him specifically. But trust me, you’ve heard this before. Radio3core.


Dylan Murry (Toronto, SuperHell) – Bio says that “Entertainment Tonight (Canada) named him one of the next artists to look out for.” I love the qualifier “(Canada)” there. So Rick the Temp is into this guy and he thinks that information is something that should go on a bio.

On that note, have you ever seen Entertainment Tonight (Canada)? I didn’t think anything could get worse than E-Talk Daily, and then they made ETCANADA. If you watch those shows, you should kill yourself.


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