Recent FACTOR approvals

If you ever want to really get yourself into a knot about the current state of the Canadian music industry, check out the FACTOR approvals page.

A bunch of people pointed out yesterday that FACTOR gave CMW $200,000 this year to run the festival. Where does THAT money go? Not to most of the musicians. 

Legitimately curious how much METRIC and MARIANAS TRENCH are getting from CMW for their showcases ( if you can get me numbers – I promise to keep you anon). Of the “1000 bands” playing CMW, what is the percentage of bands that get paid in dollars and not useless wristbands (though I’ve been using mine to check out the comedy side – Dave Foley and Scott Thompson at Yuk Yuks was particularly enjoyable).

My educated guess: less than 3% of the bands playing will get paid in dollars.

The most recent Factors approvals for making a music video in the $20,000 range: 

Doug Crawford
Lesley Pike
Yukon Blonde

If you want to know the difference between “HAVE” and “HAVE NOT” bands in Canada, look no further. “HAVE” bands take initial success (Metric, Stars, Yukon Blonde) and work it into a career heavily subsidized by FACTOR and provincial arts funding. I have no problem with arts funding, but there was a limit to how much I could take out in student loans, so why should grant be different?

Take Feist winning Polaris last year. So what if the milquetoast Canadian music press were so dazzled by “METALS” that they awarded it with the Polaris, but that prize came with a fucking TOURING VAN. There is no way Feist needs a touring van. WHERE IS FEIST’S TOURING VAN NOW?

Doug Crawford is going to take his $20K and make another music video with girls in bikinis (at the very least, blatant objectification of women should bump you down to the $5K club). Leslie Pike has a Reverb Nation account, and sounds like a modern-day Jann Arden, so I can’t wait for that vid.

I am really happy to hear from an insider at FACTOR that the rules are changing, but I don’t expect the main benefactors to be any different than they are now.


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