Due to the fact that there are some sleuthy ppl out there, I have to come out because there are so many angry people who spent a lot of time and energy to out me.

I figured it might happen eventually. I didn’t expect this to go viral, etc etc etc. no excuses. I just didn’t want to do this.

My name is Paul Lawton. There are others writing here too, but I started it. I play in a band called Ketamines (save you from looking). I was heavily involved in the Alberta scene for 20-ish years, but I’m in Toronto now.

The mystery is over, but honestly, it was getting dumb anyways. If you know my real twitter (@quartermass) you know I talk about this stuff all the time. I’m sorry if your feelings got hurt. I speak for myself, and none of my close friends or associates have anything to do with this. Don’t drag anyone else through the mud, if you are gonna.

I started this blog because I really care about Canadian music. The harshness was from a place of love of what I’ve devoted my adult life too. I’m not bitter, I have had a zillion opportunities.

But there is a LOT of bullshit in this system.

Have fun!


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