Dress Rehersal (Toronto, ON)

A word on cultural critique:

Sometimes bands get skipped because there is just nothing to say about them, except to wonder out loud why they bothered. I almost decided to skip Dress Rehersal.

Some people are saying to me: “you shouldn’t just write a band off with a one-liner!” “Where is the substantive critique?”

How do you critique a band like this? You can’t say anything funny about them. Maybe an amusing “this sucks” or “boring. zzzzz.” How many times can I say that? You can’t find anything in the bio that is worth discussing, just words about being in a band and that band doing stuff. On the music front – I can hear it coming into my ears, but there is nothing to hold onto. You just feel absolutely nothing.

I bet their friends and family loves their band! Hey, there’s our bud with his little band tearing this place up, what a thrill! People love it when their pals have a cool band. Maybe they even try to help them with the Searchlight contest “vote for our bud and his little band!” but then they get cut, and that dream is dead and everyone is left empty. :(

I guess what I’m trying to say is you would have got all that information with my initial quip of “The very definition of Friend-rock.” That would have been funny, take up less of your time, and got my point across. Not everyone has to be Zizek. 


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