The entire “DJ” section of CMW

Worth a laugh just for the bios alone:

DJ CRUNCH: “What is it to be a tastemaker?” (great question)

DJ COMBO!: “He has successfully rocked parties in Chicago, L.A, Tokyo, Seoul, Manila & Montreal.” (emphasis mine).

DJ DAVE CAMPBELL: “With the dancefloor as his canvas, the turntables his brush, the records his paint.” (yes?)

DJ ILLO: “Music is Illo’s life – Its almost as if he had no choice.” (pretty sure DJ ILLO had a choice).

DJ PUMP: “In a world so often plagued by mediocrity, it’s depressingly common to have to endure run-of-the-mill DJ’s. Here to save the day, DJ PUMP stands out as being unique in his delivery and exquisite talent. (and yet: still a DJ).

DJ Richard Stanley from Beliefs: wonder if his DJ set will bore me as much as his band?


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