A few notes before we start today:

slaggingoff@gmail.com had 200 new messages this morning.Holy.

Four types of messages:

1) People wanting to help. And if you cared enough to write offering to help, I’ll just write here to say “yes” but I’m too busy/lazy to write all of you individually to say that. My message to you is: just email me what you want me to post and we will post it.  Just note that we won’t post racist/misogynist/homophobic stuff. Just because we hate what has happened to Canadian music doesn’t mean we don’t care about people.

2) My identity. Actually, there is more than one person posting now, and none of those people know each other. I started as one man, but I let in a few good people. I’m sure my identity will be revealed sooner than later, but I’m not going to hurry that process because its might cause a shitstorm that I don’t really wanna be bothered with. I just trust that when my identity comes out people are smart enough to recognize that I am speaking for myself and not for the institutions and projects I’ve been involved with. Also, as a musician, its going to cause every single musician who I’ve said mean things about to listen to my band and say “oh yeah, well your recordings sound like shit” because that is what I would do in that situation. Or maybe it will cause my band to skyrocket in popularity… for all the wrong reasons. Either way: not interested.

3) Interviews. This little blog has obviously struck a chord, but I’m saying all I need to say here. No need for interviews. I think that your publication/blog/radio station sucks and if you cared enough to write us, you should care enough to fix things. One article about a shitty TUMBLR isn’t enough, you should know that.

When P.R. hacks and ad agencies are the only ones left making a living in the Canadian music sphere, that is something that YOU are directly responsible for. Why not find good music and write about it without everything being spoon-fed to you? 

4) People asking me to honestly evaluate their music, which I will do. This confirms my suspicion that Canadian musicians are desperate for honesty. For example, the sick state of the P.R. machine that is the Canadian music blogosphere, where everything is “good!” all the time. The golden rule of Canadian music writing hasn’t done anyone any good (if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all). Wouldn’t you rather know your music stinks so you can find something you are good at?


1) When we started, we had a few funny responses from bands who we slagged a bit, but overwhelmingly people are saying really nice things. This is disappointing now.

2) Some people have said that the writing here is terrible. It is. Everything here is posted without any editing or thought. Personally, I write about bands happens as I listen to the bandcamp or whatever, and I want to finish the response as fast as possible, because the faster I type, the faster I can stop listening.


1) Canadian music celeb phone numbers. We will post them Buddyhead style.

2) Insider dirt. Did you work at CBC? FACTOR? Exclaim!? MuchMusic? We want to know about it. Obviously you will be kept annon.

3) Gossip. We need to hear it.


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