Whoopee. He’s back.

Hey folks! Canada’s number-one-juiced-in troubador Hayden is back to fill your ears with some more of his inconsequential sad bastard SH-INDIE ramble. But be careful if you happen to throw some of your hard earned scheckels down to attend one of his “concerts”. Be prepared to be castigated or shushed by the man if you so much as cough during one of his daring hymnals on love and life. His adoring fans will probably join in and stare you down with all the passive-aggressive muster emotional cripples with poorly misguided musical taste can achieve. Go buy a Red House Painters album, fer Christ’s sake, you unwashed chancers! What a bore. No wonder the MC5 never stood a chance. Back then, people chose James Taylor instead. And so it continues…

<a href='http://’>Whoopee. He’s back.

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