Die By Remote (Toronto, ON)

Here is everything you shouldn’t say in a band BIO if you want to be taken seriously: 

“Since working with producer James Robertson (Down With Webster, Sky Sweetnam), Die By Remote has played venues across Toronto, was featured in The Edge 102.1 Nu Music Tuesday at the Horseshoe, and came in first place at a battle of the bands at the Mod Club. The band was selected as the September 2011 Indie Artist of the Month with The Edge 102.1 in Toronto, and had “Only One” aired on the station. DBR was nominated for a 2012 Toronto Independent Music Award in the category of Best Live Electric Performance. DBR just recently played a showcase for EMI’s VP’s of A&R and Publishing, and will have their song “Only One” released through EMI Music Canada on a Compilations CD.”

  • Your star producer was responsible for Down with Webster and Sky Sweetnam.
  • Your band plays at… venues. In Toronto
  • You played a generic Edge 102.1 showcase
  • YOU WON A BATTLE OF THE BANDS (Battleofthebandscore)
  • Two years ago, Edge 102.1 made you their indie band of the month
  • You were nominated for an award no one has ever heard of
  • You are going to have one song on an EMI compilations (sic) CD after you “showcased for them”

Bands, you have to stop making lists like these, it just makes you look like you are trying WAY TOO HARD to impress the industry. What is left of this industry is only interested in buzz/hype/pre-built fan base they can bleed dry: this kind of list making just tells them you have nothing to offer.


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