Shout outs!

Shout outs to which ever thin-skinned band got us kicked off Twitter and Tumblr by saying we were a SPAM account. We’re not going anywhere. Tumblr is reinstated, working on getting our Twitter feed back up.

Even though the shit-fest known as CMW starts this week we will continue to poke fun at your awful music.

Further, to those who gripe that being overtly negative, and that we are confusing being harsh and negative for real “critique”, you are full of shit. If you go back, we’ve actually been real nice to a few bands – B-17, Cell Memory/Castle If – because those two projects are doing interesting things. We haven’t heard of a majority bands on the CMW roster, and so we approach every single band with open ears. If the bands have something to say, have a fresh approach, aren’t just trying to get into Grant Lawrence’s pants (Radio 3 core) or are being honest somehow in their music – we will take note and we will sing their praises. The problem is that 95% of Canadian bands and musicians just don’t get it. They are playing a game that NO LONGER EXISTS.

We will stay anonymous – for now – because I don’t want this project to distract from the other, positive things we do in the Canadian music scene. That includes writing positive reviews/articles on forward thinking Canadian bands, running a Canadian record label and helping bands book tours and connect with other forward thinking bands. We have almost 20 years at this and we can spot the phoneys from a mile away.

We feel that harsh criticism is necessary for positive growth. We want more honesty and accountability. Why is Canadian music stuck in the 2004 holding pattern? Why is it that Exclaim!, Canada’s national free music magazine that has SO MUCH POWER FOR GOOD in this country, is so Toronto-centric, racist, unilingual and BORING? Why is CBC Music so terrible and why do they only promote stale milquetoast? Why does FACTOR limit its granting to those bands who are able to move 5000 CDs (!!!!) sold through FACTOR-approved distributors when the entire Canadian music industry has been completely gutted? 

One million bands trying to please a very small number of Canadian music superpowers, and the people at the helms of those institutions could care less.

That is where the acid-tone of this blog comes from. It is a direct response to the cancerous nature of the Canadian music industry and press that are trying to maintain status quo, and who are slaves to P.R. hacks, Americaninterestism (that is: Canadian music that is only worth covering once American’s start to take interest), and money.

Why pick on this dumb band or that singer-songwriter who has no part of this? Because they are trying to feed this broken system, further reinforcing it. Because they are clogging up venues and touring circuits and granting agencies and making it difficult for anything to get better.

Even if we take one awful band off the road this summer, this project was a success.

Look for phase two of this project – similar to the post on Friday about the CBC Searchlight contest – that will start pick on bigger targets – music writers, Canadian music blogs, bad festivals PR hacks, granting agencies etc. We will continue to work alphabetically through CMW and then NXNE, Sled Island (ETC ETC) and talk honestly about the music we Canadians are making and promoting.

If you wanna help out – email us at We could use some good people.


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