Bronx Cheerleader

Bronx Cheerleader (Saint Catharines, ON)

Bio Says: “The album’s single “The Art of Dancing” — video directed by Diego Maclean — was used in 2007 on MyNetwork television’s Fashion House (starring Bo Derek and Morgan Fairchild), a Fox Television production.”

What they think they sound like: “Canada’s version of The Shins”

Sounds like: Indy-psych done properly.

Honest review: If you are keeping score, we’ve reviewed 40 bands so far, and we’ve only given our seal of approval to one (B-17). Here’s the second, and I’m as surprised as anyone. I’m almost per-conditioned to cringe whenever I start listening to bands on the CMW roster, so I was pleasantly surprised to find tasteful arrangements, good lyrics, decent visuals and an overall sense of cohesion that so many bands are lacking. Bronx Cheerleader are really great.

Now, I still think Bronx Cheerleader are playing a weird game in an attempt to legitimize themselves – my suggestion is for them to lose the novel length bio that brags about selling their music to a Bo Derek TV pilot. Cheapens the whole deal. No one is getting excited about a band because of their licensing deals – quite the opposite. In fact, it might be my biggest qualifier. I’m all for bands making money and I honestly do not believe in selling-out, but I will admit to having built in biases that shoot up red flags when bands try to legitimize themselves this way.

Reverbnation account? Unfortunately.


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