Brews WIllis

Brews WIllis (Toronto, ON)

Bio Says: “Lead Bass player Sammy Vipond spoke of his experience in the studio for the first time, saying “man, it was a blast working with Ben – what a wizard.” He went on to say “Ross had so many bad jokes which slowed things down a bit and Pare was always so sheened! Party”” 

What they think they sound like: Wavves, Smith Westerns, Ty Segall, Jay Reatard, Beach Fossils, Best Coast, Black Lips

Sounds like: Best Coast

Honest Review. Fuck this band. Seriously. Claiming Jay Reatard and Wavves at the same time? Jay would never have been caught dead listening to this shitty band. Ha, even Wavves would be like “this band Brews Willis is WHACK ‘yo.”  Sick Raybans, poseurs. 

Reverbnation account? Yep.


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