Breaching Vista


Breaching Vista (Kitchener, ON)

Bio Says: “The band’s catalogue hosts two records, both recorded at Beach Road Studios with Producer Siegfried Meier, whose work has been recognized on the Billboard charts” 

What they think they sound like: Jimmy Eat World, Sum 41, Our Lady Peace, Green Day, Brand New, Bush

Sounds like: Giving up

Honest review: I try to write these reviews in bursts, and as happens everytime, there is a band so awful that I have to stop and take a long break. Breaching Vista are that band today. When a band brags that they “got offered an opportunity to play Canadian Music Week” point to Breaching Vista and say “there is literally zero curation at Canadian Music Week.”

I’m not sure what is worse – the flagrant commercialism, the dated influences or their font choices. All of it is terrible. 

Genre: I quit. Fuck you.

Reverbnation account? Who gives a shit. FUCK.


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