Bio Says: “Met with a strong response from the local community, including airplay on Calgary’s X92.9fm, blog buzz and packed shows presented by Canadian streetwear stalwarts Lifetime Collective, the band ventured back into the studio to record the 6-song BLEACHERS EP.”

What they think they sound like: The Strokes/Surfer Blood/Cloud Nothings

Sounds like: A Strokes tribute band

Honest review: After “Is This It?” broke in 2001, every band mining this vein (including The Strokes themselves) were sorry to find that there wasn’t much gold in these hills after all. The Bravery anyone?

I guess what I’m saying is that it is now twelve years later and a copy of a copy of a copy isn’t anything anyone should be spending any time with. I’m imagining that Bleachers slick tribute to The Strokes is going to trick a lot of people in Calgary (and elsewhere) into getting excited about them, but it will start to burn a few years down the line with people lining up to tell them “you guys totally remind me of The Strokes” after every. single. show.

Genre: Strokes-core

Reverbnation account? No!


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