Blackdog Ballroom

Blackdog Ballroom (Richmond Hill, ON)

Bio Says: “Blackdog Ballroom’s performances are high octane celebrations filled with heart and soul delivering an invitation to once again believe in Rock & Roll keeping their ever growing fan base coming back for more!”

What they think they sound like: “an eclectic mix of influence ranging from Pop to Punk, Mod to Motown and Rock to Roll, Blackdog Ballroom have cultivated a distinct blend to create their unique sound.”

Sounds like: Delusion

Honest review: Blackdog Ballroom’s bio features the following pullquote:

“Very tight and well structured, seems like a band who knows what they’re doing!”
— Stuart Epps, Producer – OASIS, Led Zeppelin, George Harrison

Now, there is really no reason to believe that BDB made that quote up, but I think this was more of a backhanded complement. “What did you think” “You guys were tight.” In my world, telling a band that they are “tight” is a nice way of saying that they suck. Which BDB do. They suck hard. Stuart Epps should be ashamed of himself for lying to this band and giving them “hope” that their next big break is “right around the corner.” This whole project just reeks of delusion.

“I couldn’t wait to turn it off!” – Honest Reviews

Reverbnation account? You know it.


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