Beginners Guide to Endings

Beginners Guide to Endings (Kingston, On)

Bio Says: “But alas, unless it gets featured on an episode of ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ or some other ‘reality’ train wreck, it may fall under the radar. However,that doesn’t make this masterpiece debut any less ‘Meaningful’.

What they think they sound like: “led zeppelin nirvana the beatles”

Sounds like: Kingston Long and McQuade employees started a band!

Honest review: Let’s talk about Beginners Guide to Ending bio for a minute. Aside from the fact that it is sub-literate, they both compare their recent album to Led Zeppelin IV and Nirvana’s Nermind, and complain about The Kardashians. Twice. Their guess as to why no one cares about Beginners Guide to Endings is that people are too busy watching reality television.

Here’s the truth guys: no one cares about Beginners Guide to Endings because your band is terrible. Leave the Kardashians out of this, stop playing the blame game, and get with the times. Your music is extremely dated. Your lyrics are embarassing. Just because you can shred on a guitar doesn’t mean that anyone wants to hear the noise it makes.

Genre: Long and McQuade Rock.

Reverbnation account? Obviously.


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